Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pictures Tells A Thousand Words

Well, this post it a tribute to the pictures I took and had no time to upload and edit due to me being busy and also doing lots of other stuff and also making props of my next cosplay. Also, looking for a job.



The man who made it possible, and also paid for the foods. Thanks.

The reason for my nick. Been owning it since PII was in the market.


Cabinate in my room.

My favourite of all.

Lamboghini Gallardo Italian Polizei Version.

Dodge Viper SRT-10

Viper GTS Hardtop From Hotwheels

The Little Brother, Viper SRT-1o also from Hotwheels

Well, thats manual setting photography using my PNS(Point-and-Shoot). Thats why I need a slr desperately. Either an older one would do. 400D anyone? Or a D2X.

Shots are underexpose on some and over on some due to the lighting in my room and also the strobe behind me. Wrong placement cause room's cram.

Dodge Tomahawk. Bike or car?

Under my table.

Top Gear+Anime in my room. Please Ignore the Twistie.

My ever faithful headphone. Altec-Lansing FTW~

My Collection of Cars and I've recently added 3 more. A Shelby Cobra 457, A Mustang GT 2005 and forgot another one.

Aside from collecting Gundams or Gunplas, I love cars and also computer.

And.....being an audiophile also.

Teh kaputed SD-RAM

Bored during outing at Igloo

A club in Kuching. Click here to visit

Phones. All so advance except mine. T_T. I'll gladly get a dslr and keep using the old phone.

Another shot on my faithful 5 years old cam.

Erm....Who stole that phone? I can't pay for it. T_T. Please return if seen.

Well, Intel signing off at 4.34pm on a cool Sunday afternoon after spending 2 hours adding and fixing the damn formating of the blogger. I wish they can fix the function. My format keeps going away!

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