Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What I've Did Few Days Ago

The past few days has been hectic due to pressure coming from my uni and also from the club in my uni as we have to make a proposal and also we were asked to do a public performance and also got informed that we have to do 2 performance. And I had to rush the song that we're using for the performance. And my stupid Nero Wave Editor's mp3 plugin have to run out of juice when I was halfway editing it. So, Audacity to the rescue! Open source FTW.

Also, been trying to complete my nexst cosplay props and here it is. I managed to complete the sheath yesterday after doing it for the whole day and I can say it turned out good, minus the colour for now.

The ninjaken:Shorter than katana but utilize a katana's grip length.

Unsheathed Ninjaken.

Comparison with my model car and the air-conditioner's remote.

So far, I haven't completed the grip area yet and also the blade's detailing. Need to do some grip art to it, meaning making those diamond shape bandages around it. Was thinking of making a tail for it also, which makes the ninjaken cooler.

Anyway, during my outings with my friends at McD right after our final final's, I said I got some hotwheels cars and here it is.

The missing car's name was the Dodge Challenger Hemi.

Drool on the details. Close-up Shot.

Well, I'm going to open it later, but not so soon. Enjoy.

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