Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - Gundam D-Hell Custom AKA Death Scyther

Ok.....Here's my christmas present. A gundam model name Death Scyther or it's technical name Gundam D-Hell Custom which is piloted by Duo Maxwell. Doesn't sound like Jap huh? Expensive piece of merchandise especially the high grade and perfect grade ones. Starting price at 90 ringgit and above.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Air-Asia Free Seats Available. 2 Mill Seat Left.

Ok, at the topic say. is giving away free seats. I already booked 3 for a trip to Bangkok on July. So, only 1,999,997 seats left. Better hurry. you'll have to pay the airport tax though.... Ciaos...

Manga Time!

Been downloading manga for a long time. No time to update the blog. Just now move some stuff over to my new house. So, the other post was brief. This is the manga that I'm reading now and have downloaded the anime.


Ok, been like months since my last post. Very lazy to login and post and also my com's hd crash. Took most of my precious stuff with it. Assingments, programming codes, mp3, clips, animes... you name it. Was so pissed that till today, i only did 1\10 of my assignments. See? Ok, nothing interesting only that I'm gonna move house soon!!!! Going to KL soon!!!! Oh yeah, the post topic. Been downloading stuuf over the net and now I'm currently breaking the first record of my download which was at 700MB, then 1.0GB, then 3.30GB, then 7.3GB and now 8.75GB. Insane huh? Oh, it's all animes. Naruto is still downloaded weekly and Bleach too. I now have complete series of Whistle! and now have a few series of fullmetal alchemist. ok,Bye. Ciaos

Friday, October 14, 2005

Ok,thats my new com. All black (Like the Kiwis of New Zealand All Blacks) Sorry 4 being so long. Lazy to update n snap the photo. The com took the old com place n everything was back where is was. Only the old com is behind it. Sherrio......Ciaos

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm So Happy!!!!

Wooooohooooo!!!! Yes! Ok, whats all the excitement about? I'm finally getting a pentium 4 which I have always dream of owning one. You know? 800Mhz front side bus, 400Mhz DDR-RAM, A STAND ALONE GRAPHIC CARD!!!! Which I never have own one, as the last few com I have is all integreted. So, I have the confirm spec except the casing which will be an Icute casing of an unknown model number(The design I want maybe out of the market already) And the whole thing cost only 2k plus not exceeding 2500.

Ok, ok. Here's the full spec
Intel® Pentium™ 4 3.0Ghz LGA775 800Mhz FBS
Abit AG8-V 775 800Mhz FSB 4GB DDR PCI-E
256DDR 400 Kingston(Wanted Hyper X But Expensive) I'll add 256 later.
ATI Radeon X300 128MB (Forgot who made it)
ICUTE casing

Basic spec only. The mobo and processor is high end. Rest just normal.
WOW, It's been a long time since I blog. Well, lazy thats why. Prefer doing my fanfic than this but I'll pudate it once in a while. Oh, btw, it's wednesday and I woke up increadibly early(say round 8am) Later go college and then gym after class. Ok, now the torture is waiting for the com to arrive which I hope is in his week.The excitement is killing dude!!!! Wanna test out the performance of 800Mhz FBS. When the com arrive I'll snap a pic of it and post it here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Normal Day

Ok, nothing much today except overslept again(Wed morning no class)Got up,got ready,went online,go college,met friends,talk crap,teacher came, taught,recess for 10 minutes,continued,did work,recess again,continued,another recess for 10 minutes,started with replacement class for 30 minutes, did work,class over,went to gym,talked to Ang who showed me the schedule for co-ordinator's "jaga" timetables,agreed,talk some more,went to IT lab, can't find the dotA that was installed,copied through LAN on the other computer which has it,extracted it,played with friends till 5pm and dad called saying picking me up,went home,booted the computer,went to,created new post,started blogging and put picture and wrong click everything gone and redo again(DAMN!)
See?Nothing much!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Huh? What?

*Ring* I picked up my handphone and my friend said "Today's IT lecture cancel!" What the?!

Oh, that was what hapened today. The IT lecture got cancel and shifted to another day PERMANANT! *censored* There,I cursed! Damn man, so I wasted precious 2 hours doing nothing except tried DOTA! Fun and time passed by fast! Ok, bad day yesterday, gotten "bombarded" for a teenie tiny mistake and so blur.....Nothing much then except lazy to blog now. Lazy to play games,lazy to play earth2025,lazy to sleep,lazy to listen to music and even lazy to be lazy..........See? Nah. Bye
I'm a Naruto Fan!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hard Day!

Today was fun, no class(got cancel) and overslept till 11.30am!!!(wanted to get up early but not at 7am) Woke up and got ready to go to college's gym at 2pm and managed togo online and play games a little before going. Then when I reached there.....IT WASN'T OPEN!!!(Where did the coordinator go?) Since I bought a portable hard disk casing and had a laptop hd that's still working but not used, I fix it into the casing and brought it to college and went to the Computer Lab and downloaded some assignment from the server(Our assignment are 1/3 done online(document that needs to be download to save paper-Swinburne's conservative! Surprise,Surprise!) and saved to my 2GB portable Hard Disk(Flash Drives can't beat it! Get what I mean?)

Then at 3pm my friend ask me to go gym and we went there and guess what? It was open and weird people I never seen were inside.Went in and played table tennis(ping pong) then lifted weight and did endurance on the bike(Did less because yesterday went to gym and whole body aching.Tomorrow must be worst since my body still ache from yesterday's workout) Then went back home,did some mod to the portable hd and watched XXX(Triple X=not what you think!) Vin Diesel was so cool!Then my friend sms me ask me homework done yet then a big big super heavy meteor hit my. I HAVEN'T DONE MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i whipped out my portable hd(Lucky I bought it) and started downloading all the notes to it and brought it to my grandma's house to do it(partially done) and came back then finished the rest. So, now I'm writing out to my bibiology for others to read. This is Gary signing out for the day.(Wow, that was exhausting from all the typing) Joking people!)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stuck In College

O-Haiyo and konichiwa! It's now half morning and noon and just finished class. Oral class was horrible. Managed to keep calm and cool but lost for words. My head went blank!!!! Blank i tell you! Anyway, it's a thing of the past now and waiting for IT class to start. College computer rocks but line sucks! Later ppl!

---> <---search kakashi87 for my stories I made!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Exciting Saturday

Well, woke up around 10am because friend from Labuan came back. Made so much noise! Then power up com and started playing Commandos Behind Enemy Lines that i dug out from dusty box(more than 8 years old that game is) and gaming like there is no time to lose. Dad ring and asked me to get ready for lunch outside(Breakfast? Nah, no breakfast for me if I stay at home) Then went to get dad's car(lousy car's starter went kaput again) then switch car and drove my satria to my mom's office(long traffic jam and took the wrong way!BAKA!!!) Suddenly......the temp meter went up a notch in 3 mins. Rushed to mom's office and popped the hood(Guess what?) Radiator's cap has a leak! So, brought it to reapir shop then went out with friends till 4.30pm where i went back and fetch the car.(The repair cost RM100.What a rip off) Then went back home and more Commandos. Then at 6pm went out for dinner and went shopping for Bleach anime and movies. Now back at home, on my comfy chair,typing this blog that i regreated making,chatting on irc and msn. Later maybe more Commandos?(Never get to finish it. Ithe first time i played with it i gave up when i was at 2nd mission) This is Gary signing out of the early day

Just Starting Fresh!!!

Well, I have just started blogging(GASP!) What? It's not my first neither last. Got one at friendster <--check it out. Well, nothing much for today. So, i'll be signing out now exactly at 12.20am on 30/07/05.