Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Normal Day

Ok, nothing much today except overslept again(Wed morning no class)Got up,got ready,went online,go college,met friends,talk crap,teacher came, taught,recess for 10 minutes,continued,did work,recess again,continued,another recess for 10 minutes,started with replacement class for 30 minutes, did work,class over,went to gym,talked to Ang who showed me the schedule for co-ordinator's "jaga" timetables,agreed,talk some more,went to IT lab, can't find the dotA that was installed,copied through LAN on the other computer which has it,extracted it,played with friends till 5pm and dad called saying picking me up,went home,booted the computer,went to,created new post,started blogging and put picture and wrong click everything gone and redo again(DAMN!)
See?Nothing much!

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