Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm So Happy!!!!

Wooooohooooo!!!! Yes! Ok, whats all the excitement about? I'm finally getting a pentium 4 which I have always dream of owning one. You know? 800Mhz front side bus, 400Mhz DDR-RAM, A STAND ALONE GRAPHIC CARD!!!! Which I never have own one, as the last few com I have is all integreted. So, I have the confirm spec except the casing which will be an Icute casing of an unknown model number(The design I want maybe out of the market already) And the whole thing cost only 2k plus not exceeding 2500.

Ok, ok. Here's the full spec
Intel® Pentium™ 4 3.0Ghz LGA775 800Mhz FBS
Abit AG8-V 775 800Mhz FSB 4GB DDR PCI-E
256DDR 400 Kingston(Wanted Hyper X But Expensive) I'll add 256 later.
ATI Radeon X300 128MB (Forgot who made it)
ICUTE casing

Basic spec only. The mobo and processor is high end. Rest just normal.
WOW, It's been a long time since I blog. Well, lazy thats why. Prefer doing my fanfic than this but I'll pudate it once in a while. Oh, btw, it's wednesday and I woke up increadibly early(say round 8am) Later go college and then gym after class. Ok, now the torture is waiting for the com to arrive which I hope is in his week.The excitement is killing dude!!!! Wanna test out the performance of 800Mhz FBS. When the com arrive I'll snap a pic of it and post it here.


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