Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Excursion

After doing all my morning stuff, I headed out to where cosworld was suppose to sell some Valentine's Day plushies at Padungan area.

Apparently, getting a permit requires 1 months plus of working-day-processing so they cannot setup a stall and ended up being like this.

With Near there....Thinking of the sky.

Time for business.

Now, Kira and L joined in.

Near got tired holding the poster, L took the liberty of doing so while Kira bask under the sun. Misa Misa went into hiding.

Desperately trying to get sales, Near did the impossible.

There were many people looking at them selling these stuff there. Even a friend of mine who drove pass, did a round and winded down his window and shout at them. Haha. Kids were the ones attracted to these as they kept looking.

Hours later, they packed up as its was pouring and headed towards somewhere near, hoping to get these stuff sold.

And the place was so empty.

Near had a moo-moo cow on his head.

Potential buyers or on-lookers?

After getting a few people/couple asking, at dismay, moved towards Tun Jugah.

Sadly, I messed the setting at ISO800 and all the shots outside was overexpose. Wasted.

Hiding from all the stares.

After walking around the whole place, there was only a few couples in sight, whom just walked pass, like its a normal thing to see cosplayers walking on the street.

Everyone then went for a drink. And chit-chatted to pass time.

Group shot. L is smiling.....scary~

Everything was wrapped up at 6pm and before we left, someone did this....

Lost monk in front of Popular.

On the way back, I saw something interesting so I took a snap at it.

Anyone? I know its already too late. XD

Valentine's Day seems to be just a normal day now. Many flowers sellers aren't even making profits and I was hoping I could buy one for my mom at RM1 a piece. And something terrible happened.

While sending my best buddy home, shiro's (my car) temperature meter shot into near redzone and I had to stop the car at the shoulder of the road and wait for her to cool down before driving it further to my friend's place and cool her down again, then refilling the radiator.

Stim spouted out from the radiator when I finally opened it and I prayed hard no damage have been done as the temperature never shot into redzone.

Thats all folks.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Spring @ Kuching

Dedicated to Sarcasm Queen, my cousin as she wanted me to do a review of The Spring and hopefully I can drag her and their family down to Kuching next time.

Anyway, went to the Spring on the 30th of January after I went to uni and collect my exam result slip.

Was very awed by the spaciousness of The Spring. Not to mention it was very cold, as I was wearing bermuda and polyester T-shirt. Kudos to me. Managed to drag a few friends along who was at uni, being at the right place at the right time for me, but vice versa for them, I think. Thanks guys, and girl.

Anyway, on with pictures as usual.

The inside of Spring.

Spring itself feels like part of MV (Midvalley) as the walkway are spacious, at the center that is. It feels more like the alley which you walk from the center court of MV to the north or south court of MV, but not as long as MV.

How The Spring's ceiling and floors looks like. Darn, picture is slanted abit.

Shop rows. MPH is at the far end of the picture. Flanking it is Nokia Center which is still under renovation and FOS, which is located far of its left, inside the alley.

Gosh, I like the lantern alot. And there are whole rows of these dangling above your head.

Well, there are 2 main floors only, while 3rd floor isn't accessable through the main escalators.

Padini's and Vincci's shop has yet to open.

Shot from 2nd floor. Notice the Honda Civic Type R at the bottom left corner.

Inside of Parkson, men's department.

Went outside and took another shot. 2nd floor.

Rear end of The Spring.

Apple Center!

OMG! Copal Digital = Expensive Stuff.

These stuff are situated at the center of this mall. And they move up and down, while pouring water down.

Like it says, this is gonna be expensive for Kuching people. Welcome to KL lifestyle.

I missed a shot of whats opposite Esprit. Its Guess.

We have ROXY and Quiksilver!

Well, Starbucks in Spring means Kennysia doesn't need to go to KIA (Kuching International Airport) for his coffee, and so are us Kuchingnities.

Have to get a cup of Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Irresistible.

Even Kluang Station came to Kuching, located right next to Starbucks. Trying to outdo Starbucks?

Inside of Ta Kiong's supermarket. Alot of selection of consumables but bit of a squeeze as the alley in-between hasn't much space for one with a trolley to walk about.

Ta Kwang is a Sibu company. They really brought alot of imported items in which Kuching really need. I still cannot find my Bueanos fruit drink.

Frozen food section. See how big is the alleyway.

Walkway to cashier counter, so spacious. Not even Carrefour nor Jusco can beat them.

Hershey's Chocolate! At last!

Wo, drools. Tonnes of Cadbury's imported chocolates stacked.

Well, what do you know... After Eight.

Japanese packed food section. Lots of furikake here but triple the price of Jusco.

Opposite this rack, you'll find Italian processed foods.

Inside Food Bazaar. Sorry for fuzzy picture. Forgot to re-set the settings.

Side shot.

Nice bench. The tiles themselves reflect rainbow colours when it hits them at different angle.

Places to sit.

Chicken Rice Shop, yet to be open.

Kenny Rogers anyone? 2nd attempt after the one at Golden Triangle closed down due to bad business. Kuching people are conservatives, so hard to please, unless cheap price.

Back shot of Spring's building. Not very lavish but simple and nice.

Manhattan Fish Market. A couple of girls stop and had a look at the menu, flipped through and left for the food bazaar instead.

Yes, this. No mistaken.

Had some extra time to spare before leaving, so I took a closer shot of these flying plates. Note that there are coins inside. Can you spot it?

Supa fuzzy shot with single hand without re-setting again. Gah. But Spring offers ample of parking space. Not to mention we have to pay soon when the booth is done. Hope its cheap like 1 Utama.

Thats all from me now.

For those celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year to you. For those who aren't celebrating, enjoy your holidays and don't snack too much junk food and soft drinks unless you want to be sick.

Well, more updates coming soon. Till then, enjoy.

PS:Those who wanna visit me during CNY, I will mostly be out so, do give me a call and make arrangement if you want, but high percentage I will not make it.