Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Just a short post,

Merry Christmas everyone.

Aside from that, its raining here in KL.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Well, went around KL and at last, found this.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fallen Warrior

A ninja lost his ninjaken and I found it, stuck on the ground.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Red Book

People should know what this is

Where to next?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wonders of this Small City

Well, last week on Tuesday, a few of us went out to check out stuff at Empress Studio, located at the edge of India Street but ended up checkout and a photoshooting session.

Black Magic in Action but we did not stick around and see what happens.

The collection in Empress Studio. On the right side are second-hand lens and cams. Notice the 40D? Click on the picture for a bigger view.

China Street or was it Carpenter Street? XD

Fine weather for a stroll.

Back to the Past.

The back of Sarawak Chamber being demolish.

Sad to see something which was built and now going to waste. These people should have planned properly and then built, instead of after approval, build, then disapprove it. Its an eyesore to the city, not to mention a waste of money. A whole bunch of bricks can cost so much that might as well fund my studies instead of letting it go to waste. Or, pay for subsidizing fuels or to research and development. What can I say? Owh well. What's done has been done. No use saying anything.

5 foot way at Old Court House.

Having a drink at Little Lebanon and snapped this. Makes things interesting.

Spotted this grasshopper resting on the granite seat so went into macro frenzy.

The fountain at the centre of Old Court House

On the way back, did some panning shots.

Photos snapped by me, minus the last panning shot by nerdlazor and camera by the same person also.

Its been months since I aactually went down to the city center and its nice taking a walk through the city, watching the hustle and bussle of city folkes and also others from towns surrounding this little city, Kuching.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paintball in Kuching

Well, went to Borneo Paintball to check out the rates there and so here they are.

Located behind Saberkas, its entrance is near some Lembaga office there, beside the motorcycle parking area next to Saberkas, opposite St. Paul primary school.

You can call to make reservation, but deposite is required no matter if you go and play or make a booking. No idea why. Scare we run off and scam them?

And btw, they will be open at around 10 to 11 am till 5 to 6 pm if no one is playing and later if there are, or there are reservation.

And if you found the ad in miricommunity forum, forget about it. That guy ain't working for them anymore. This is the valid rates for now. No idea when it will change but overall, its cheap and affordable.


Snaps thanks to Ryuten and her K750i.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, finally tomorrow is my last final paper and its Law. Hope I can recall all the cases name (kinda impossible as I remember the back, I forget the front. Darn!)

Owh well. After this, gonna be super busy. Lots of things need to be completed and was stalled for quite some time.

Looking forward to freedom!

On the contrary, Appleseed anime/CGI has a sequal!

Appleseed: The Movie

This is the first movie.

We'll see more of Deunan Knute's fighting skills in her E.S.W.A.T. mobile suit (Almost like gundam, except they are 1.4 times bigger than human size) and more of E.S.W.A.T.

This sequal is called Appleseed: Ex Machina.

We'll follow Deunan and Briareos:A veteran cyborg who's Deunan's partner and oh well, call it boyfriend/lover, fighting side-by-side again.

And for those who are curious what ESWAT looks like, its:

Click on the ESWAT picture if you want it. The other 2 you can get it from the official sites and forums around the interweb.

And now, back to revision.

On a side note, anyone in Kuching who is interested in animes and stuff, do check this out. SAMS is organising a gathering for those who are interested. For info at the site.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zetsubou Da!

Finals is here and finally, one of the hardest 3 hours of waiting and doing is finally over. Accounting for Success paper was concluded at 12pm yesterday and the second paper, Marketing Planning was concluded at 4.10pm yesterday, right on the same day.

Accounting was ok as there wasn't a Manufacturing Statement and only merchandising statement which I balance everything out. Rechecked it 3 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming as I was reluctent to get out of bed and drag my ass to uni yesterday morning. Rest of the paper was ok as I did what I was suppose to do and I'll pray that I'll pass the damn paper as I really dispise accounting.

Marketing Planning was kinda ok but due to time limit, we had to write like insane people as 2 hours to do essay-type questions was really impossible, even if one can type very fast as one needs time to think and brainstorm, not just blabble some mumble-jumble into the paper else Tony Lobo will get pissed. Pray paper stays in Kuching and not to be sent to Aussieland, and this goes for my Accounting paper also.


Oh well. Next Monday will be something I really enjoy at least, Law in Global Business but having to memorise case studies and precedings is kinda killing but oh well. Since I'm here, I'll have to face it head on, while giving ample time to brace oneself for the impact.

I'll have to fix my Pilot G-tec later as Marketing Planning had nearly killed it as the tip had bent and my hand hurts alot due to the strain and also pressure of not being able to complete it. But hey, I did enjoy that paper as I can write about Tony Fernandes and his company, Airasia.

And both Tony aren't related.

Played CS online yesterday to get rid of the heavy feeling on my chest and stress and found some hackers doing something and this happens.



Anyway, someone selling a Canon 10D with 50mm EF lens at less than RM2k. Cheap. Darn Penang people so rich.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dragon Ball Z Live Movie

Well, news has been circulating around for 2 to 3 days already, so I'll just let you all know.

Stephen Chow, the guy who brought you "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung-fu Hustler" with Chinese-American director James Wong, whose credits include "Final Destination" and the TV series "The X Files," will direct the movie.

Justin Chatwin (“The Invisible”, “War of the Worlds”) will play the role of Goku, the protector of the dragonballs and the hero that beats up the bad guys bent on attacking the Earth and other worlds under his protection. Playing the part of the villainous demon Piccolo will be James Marsters, best known for his popular role as the vampire Spike on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” as well as a turn as a nemesis for the young Superman on “Smallville”.

Being a Dragon Ball fan myself till Z only as GT wasn't Akira Toriyama's work, I'll see how the movie goes. Best if they do it in Japanese! With subs of course and dubs for those lazy bumps who don't like reading the subs.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Benkyo desu ne~

Well, I'm officially sick of doing freaking revision for the past 2 days. Tired to study today, ended up covering only 2 hrs of study and most of the time fragging people's arse off CS online.

3 hrs of listening to FFX OST, thanks to ryuten for borrowing me the CDs and thanks to the rain which cooled my head off abit, but still, don't feel like hitting the books. Law is fun but tiring at the same time. Marketing planning, not much to study as long as one knows the concept and work-arounds but still, I need more info. Accounting, been doing it since last week and now, totally lost the urge.

Oh well...study tomorrow in uni as I have class later in the afternoon still.

Time to test if blogger accepts japanese.

Literally means thank you everyone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Japanese Language Club Annual Dinner @ Sanga

Well, 15th October was the annivesary of the Japanese Language Club so, we held a dinner at Sanga near Sarawak Plaza.

Pictures will tell more. Too lazy to type everything for now.

Fried Udon with salmon shreads.

Teriyaki Chicken

Prawn Tempura


Tako balls


Wasabi anyone?


Sake! (No, its not wrong. Salmon is called sake also. But in another kanji.)

Sake. (Yes, the real deal sake:rice wine)

Yapping away while waiting

Members taking their foods.

Some stuff on the shelfs. Darn, need bigger flash.

Cute right?

And this is what happens.

Thanks to Sanga's owner and cook, the guy at the back there, being helped by his sister and the rest of the committee members of Japanese Language Club.

Not forgetting our Takahashi sensei and our club adviors, Mr.Ondris and his Japanese wife also for joining us.

Thanks to Sanga for offering us a good price for all the food, a free bottle of Sake and fried udon as sponsorship to us.

I was thinking of going there just now but I'm broke. T_T

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, very very very busy this coming weeks so post will be slow and late but better than never right?

Currently watching new season of Top Gear and also the new Kidou Senshi Gundam OO.

Autumn animes are coming out fast, but as final approaches, the need to study arise. And also, gonna have a test on Japanese language soon, and I know only 20 plus of the characters. T_T

Anyway, blog trailers coming up.

SAA Cosplay coverage on the 19th August, 2007
Sushi making in Japanese Club
And maybe, annual dinner for our club.

Ok, have fun and Selamat Hari Raya to my fellow mates and friends who are celebrating Raya this coming Saturday, if I'm not mistaken.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mooncake in Uni

30 mins just to get these pictures up....wasted, but worth looking.
Beside, I just found my good strength in photography.

Ok, enough of my blabbering. Time for the main news.

Exactly 3 days ago, fast forwarding ahead by 2 hours, there was an activity which had racked up more than a hundred students whom are locals and internationals, which is the mooncake festival in our uni.

Was hectic, but fun. The whole activity main objective it to promote our local and also Chinese festival towards international students who have no idea what it is all about. Beside, its also the delicacy we have.

Least to say maney enjoy the activity abit the mess we made.

Oh well, as usual pictures!

Thanks to nerdrazor for borrowing me his cam, and prime lens. Regreted not getting the external flash from rollakid.

Preparing for the event

10 mins after that....

Choir Club warming up and having a last rehearsal.

Wasn't taken by me but nice shot.

Backstage preparation

AJ stealing the food.

Reading tadpoles

Portrait shot

Still having rehearsal while the others prepare the stuff.

30 mins after that, done!

DIY lantern for the crowd.


Starting in 5! Gosh, look at the crowd.

Shot from outside the auditorium.

Our pianist/keyboarder was bored and she took out her rubik cube. Miss playing those stuff.

Yieng posing for the cam while working.

The crowd inside.

After all the crowd was inside, our Mcee: Johnson welcome the guests and told them the history behind this celebration, but in his version...

So, its like this. See the moon? Yes. Then this guy came, and shoot the girl on the moon.......

(he moved around so much , 20 shots were all blurred out, this is the least blurred out one.)

Listening attentively

Then, it was time for a game/competition. Girls and guys were splitted up and a roll call was made, and thus, groups were formed.

International student were to be elected as their leader. This guy concentrated on what out mcee has to say.

Work time.

Found this guy strolling around with a cam and I had to "shoot" him, but he shot me back also.

Teamwork in progress

Both mcee just wanted to pose for the shot

Er...bad idea.

Engineering student working on his prototype lantern

Fine workmanship

Busy like bees

Work in progress

More helping hands

Putting up finishing touches and also reenforcing the structure with...selefon tape


Nearly done!

While they were building their lanterns, the organising committees were busying attaching the candles on the lanterns.

Sea of candles and lanterns

Handiwork of the guests

Love this one. Has a story itself to be told.

STAR! Unique but where to put the candle?

Another nice one, but I've no idea what it was.

Johnson calling everyone to go outside and get their lanterns.

Lighting up.

Evil Empress posing


Having fun

Japanese ghost fire?

They went for a stroll around the campus:

Meanwhile, inside the auditorium...

Cutting up the pieces of mooncakes, and other delicacies.

When the crowd at last came back...

All of them rush for the food.

My friend here was so bored waiting for the long queue, he decided to try something and was successful.

Yieng pouring drinks.

The lanterns left outside

What do you call this?

Bored, so he stole our pianist's rubik cube and tried to solve it.

Cannot resist macro shots.

Second cup.

Over "high"?

After the majority left, we collected the plates and this is what happen

So much leftovers!

My friend there "ta pau"*take away* the most.

They were bored, and decided to do something at SWATwolf, another photographer

Putting everything back in order

Watermelon boy stealing lanterns

Ryuten and SK was bored and decided to make paper planes

They "ta pau" also.

Overall, it was fun and tiring.

Thanks to nerdrazor again as I had a change to actually utilize the camera but sadly, cannot fully utilize it as wasn't used to the camera.

Another thing, will be attending a charity event at Civic Center this coming Sunday. If you're going, lets see if your shot will be here. Hahaha.