Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Benkyo desu ne~

Well, I'm officially sick of doing freaking revision for the past 2 days. Tired to study today, ended up covering only 2 hrs of study and most of the time fragging people's arse off CS online.

3 hrs of listening to FFX OST, thanks to ryuten for borrowing me the CDs and thanks to the rain which cooled my head off abit, but still, don't feel like hitting the books. Law is fun but tiring at the same time. Marketing planning, not much to study as long as one knows the concept and work-arounds but still, I need more info. Accounting, been doing it since last week and now, totally lost the urge.

Oh tomorrow in uni as I have class later in the afternoon still.

Time to test if blogger accepts japanese.

Literally means thank you everyone.

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