Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paintball in Kuching

Few weeks back, I was invited to join a couple of my friends to go and try paintball at the Kuching Borneo Paintball and also they want to try out how paintball was.

So, half awaked, I was informed that they will be heading down there and I'll have to meet them up there. So, I did.

I'll let the pictures tell its tale.

After game discussions and bragging rights.

The in-field markers provided. Gas supplied is compressed CO2.

Patriot markers.

Being an amature in this, I was pratically taking down opponents faster than my team mates can shoot, so after the first round, I slowed down my pace and pratically sat there, being the so-called last man standing in the field.

Everyone got a shot to their body, but I walked away clean, except a stray pellet smack right on my right eye. One an only~

Lastly, the field. Check it out.

The field ain't bad, except, its not totally flat, and commando crawl as well as knee sliding wasn't inviting, so I totally avoided those.

Price-wise, its cheap. A box of pellet of 2k rounds is worth rm300 and equipment rental was at rm20. Not bad but I still prefer Astaka field.


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