Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - Gundam D-Hell Custom AKA Death Scyther

Ok.....Here's my christmas present. A gundam model name Death Scyther or it's technical name Gundam D-Hell Custom which is piloted by Duo Maxwell. Doesn't sound like Jap huh? Expensive piece of merchandise especially the high grade and perfect grade ones. Starting price at 90 ringgit and above.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Air-Asia Free Seats Available. 2 Mill Seat Left.

Ok, at the topic say. is giving away free seats. I already booked 3 for a trip to Bangkok on July. So, only 1,999,997 seats left. Better hurry. you'll have to pay the airport tax though.... Ciaos...

Manga Time!

Been downloading manga for a long time. No time to update the blog. Just now move some stuff over to my new house. So, the other post was brief. This is the manga that I'm reading now and have downloaded the anime.


Ok, been like months since my last post. Very lazy to login and post and also my com's hd crash. Took most of my precious stuff with it. Assingments, programming codes, mp3, clips, animes... you name it. Was so pissed that till today, i only did 1\10 of my assignments. See? Ok, nothing interesting only that I'm gonna move house soon!!!! Going to KL soon!!!! Oh yeah, the post topic. Been downloading stuuf over the net and now I'm currently breaking the first record of my download which was at 700MB, then 1.0GB, then 3.30GB, then 7.3GB and now 8.75GB. Insane huh? Oh, it's all animes. Naruto is still downloaded weekly and Bleach too. I now have complete series of Whistle! and now have a few series of fullmetal alchemist. ok,Bye. Ciaos