Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Out traveling and no computer to use.

Went out with Atzie and had fun, cept bloody Yes Man movie was darn potong-stim (KL Slang) and the movie ended abruptly. But I got to give it to GSC their seats are really nice and comfortable. Sad I was freezing my ass off due to the air-conditioning though.

Nothing much except Christmas is near.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Nothing much happening except going out for yam cha during the nights with a few friends from KL most of the time. Aside from that, holiday seems boring.

Really need something to shoot.

Looking forward to Wednesday outing.

Just something out of random found from my hdd. Enjoy.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Back and... Missing

Owh well, nothing much to blog about. Lifes been.... dull ever since finals was over. Maybe something new in a few days time.

Anyway, just some stuff I dug up from all those pictures I have taken but no time to process. Converting RAW to jpgs are pain.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Finals Has Arrived

Dead from dreaded assignments and short semester (somehow) and also, super pack 2nd semester, where there are always too many activities, its time to study (actually, been studying on and off for the past 2 weeks) and now, fully concentrating (just finished my final assignment).

Study time!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paintball in Kuching 2nd Round

This time, we all went loco and headed out for a fight again on the 4th day of Raya (well, it was a holiday and everyone needed a break from the constant nag by lecturers and assignments biting our arse) and grab a reservation in Sentosa Sports Center. You can find more information on the website and I do recommend it, aside from the little complain that the lighting is tad poor and the place is tad small. Rest, its good.

I'll let the picture do the talking. Forgive me for the not so good pictures and I had to tinker with it quite a lot to fix it as it wasn't taken by me. I was inside marking people instead with a marker!

2 Japanese friends new to paintball. Another friend was telling them what to do and whats not.



*piew~ piew~ piew~*

Next round!

Military training?

One on one showdown!

*Aim~ aim~*

That dude is hiding.

"Go! Go! Go!" *running for cover*

Er... Commando maybe?

SWAT tactical style maybe. I reckon they both watched too much movies.

Sneaking around....

Ah. The marker. Tippmann 98 Custom with CO2 tank.

Ha, just had to do this.


Well, thats all. Hope it sparks the eagerness for those readers who want to try paintball. Its fun and safe, apart from the bruises.

Owh, did I mention the ground is sand? You can slide around but I don't really like it. Cannot sprint properly. All that energy absorbed into the sand. Wastage.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things Happens

Today, was out for a shooting since a friend requested for help so I was glad to give a helping hand and also, was sick leaving my butt rotting away on the chair staring at my assignments. A little bit of fresh air would do me good.... Yea right!

My nikkor lens nearly shattered as the frontal element of the lens came off its mount and landed on my foot and on to the ground. Great. I have a chip on my lens. Luckily, it does not affect the picture but its a scar on the lens already.

See the white part? That is the chipped part of the lens. Inside.

And no, I did not drop the damn camera.


Gonna send to for warranty claim tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life Hurdles

Owh well, seems this semester is super hectic compare to the many years I've been in uni.

Assignments due here and there, and having so little time to complete it, and trying to squeeze as much time as possible to go on with normal chores is tad tiring.

And I have a test on law today. Better get over it and finish up the rest of the assignments.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Been busy, only had a little time of breather for a few hours of snaps before plunking my arse on this chair and stare at the screen doing assignments again. This semester sucks a lot. Datelines are so near to each other, work piling up like crazy, and not much time for entertainment. What rotten luck is this.

Till now, this month I ended up letting my tongue go and spitting our curses here and there. I guess I should hold my tongue more. Owh well, like I say, "No stress, no work."

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

51th Years of Independence of Malaysia

This year's Merdeka countdown, apparently not many people went and celebrate as I also stayed at home, completing assignments and my uncle was not willing to go down again due to last year's 1 hour jam in downtown.

Heard fireworks going off for approximately 10 minutes and it died down. Hey, Chinese New Year's firework laster over an hour at least.

Owh well, back to my assignments.

Just something in BM, since I haven't touch it for years already. I wonder how much it has downwindled.

"Merdeka~! Merdeka~! Merdeka~!" Tiga sahutan merdeka daripada Bapa Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, di Stadium Merdeka, menandakan Malaysia telah menjadi sebuah negara yang merdeka pada 31 Ogos 1957.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paintball in Kuching

Few weeks back, I was invited to join a couple of my friends to go and try paintball at the Kuching Borneo Paintball and also they want to try out how paintball was.

So, half awaked, I was informed that they will be heading down there and I'll have to meet them up there. So, I did.

I'll let the pictures tell its tale.

After game discussions and bragging rights.

The in-field markers provided. Gas supplied is compressed CO2.

Patriot markers.

Being an amature in this, I was pratically taking down opponents faster than my team mates can shoot, so after the first round, I slowed down my pace and pratically sat there, being the so-called last man standing in the field.

Everyone got a shot to their body, but I walked away clean, except a stray pellet smack right on my right eye. One an only~

Lastly, the field. Check it out.

The field ain't bad, except, its not totally flat, and commando crawl as well as knee sliding wasn't inviting, so I totally avoided those.

Price-wise, its cheap. A box of pellet of 2k rounds is worth rm300 and equipment rental was at rm20. Not bad but I still prefer Astaka field.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lack of Post

Hrm.... Work took pratically 90% of my time, leaving 10% of that for sleep and bit of entertainment during the 1 month holiday.

Now, uni has started, grades were good and finally, back to studying again and getting stress over assignments and also finals.

During the transistion of work and going back to uni, I went for the Sarawak Regatta 2008, and gotten myself soaked as well as enjoying the race from the regatta.

Pictures for you to enjoy.

Trying to overtake.

Sinking boat. "Man Overboard!"

D80 Cameraman

After a few hours, heavy downpour followsuit and the race was held off due to thunderstorm and the boat paddlers all scramble out of the water.

Silver veil



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Message In A Bottle

I wonder who is this for.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Birthday Stuff

As per requested, Atzie asked me to put up picture of what I did to the card she and Totchi gave to me, so here it is, unwatermarked, but its hidden anyway. XD

The Demanding Empress.

Cards. Thanks for it.

I was totally speechless when I opened up the card. You do not want to see whats inside.

Anyway, sorry Atzie for the missing D. It was not a rush job but apparently, I was so engrossed in making it look like ancient medieval letters.

Btw Atzie, the 1st pic is 2mb and the others is 1mb respectively. Sorry for the big file. Had to retain the quality. Right click download it, or something.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Today brought lots of surprises. I got off work early, loitered around work area, and chatted, and went back.

Few hours later, customer called asking for troubleshooting. And I was thinking of lazing around the house and relax for a while, but then, its my job and responsibility as a seller, so I had to go. Pondered to whether to bring the camera or not... Meh, I just grab the camera and headed out.

Checking to what was the problem, apparently the CPU's fan died, or more accurately, the wire got disconnected inside the fan, where it joins the magnet. So, had to get it replace.

Then dropped a set of logitech speaker at my cousin's place as his previous one kaputed, so had it replace with a new unit at a price of course, since his warranty is 2 years overdue.

After that, headed over to Zeraato's place, as I wanted to borrow his costume as a guide for my tailor to make my costume, and I was greeted with a nice surprise.

His dad owns a Porsche, a (930 type) 911 Turbo 3.6! And he offered the chance of letting me having a look at the insides and best of all, the heart of the car, which, was at the car's butt. Still, it's a Porsche.

Look at the wheel arches. So big. Even the disc brakes inside are huge.


Well, I was lucky I brought the cam out. Was planning to take shots of the sky and stars but it turned out I shoot cars instead. XD

Sorry for grainy shots. Had to boost up ISO settings to get the picture, else, no use shooting at all.

Thanks to Zeraato for giving me the privilage to touch a Porsche and his dad for allowing me to have a look. You rock man!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Akiyame Outing

Well, like I said in the previous post, I was invited to join teh Akiyamers for their cosplay outing+gathering+activity+meeting? (Okay, I'm not sure about the meeting though.)

Anyway, reached there near noon and the sunlight was so harsh, I wanted to rob a neutral density filter off someone but no one has it. Owh well, I let the white balance to take care of the job, but not much effective.

So, on with the pictures!

Another nice wallpaper!

Well, another nice wallpaper but....*wrong direction* *should have taken in landscape mode* T_T

Naruto trying to do crane style kung-fu

Chouji watching out for people who wants to steal his food

Result from waking up too early and sleeping too late

The pirate miss the ocean. Adjusted the colouring to make it nice.

Chouji's jealous of people dating, or is he spying?

Eek! Something got stuck on mah ribbons!

Imma flying!

No ramen? Biscuits will do. Noms~

Don't ask me. I just shot them there and that.

The songstress changed into a white mage and still want to sing. That looks like a script she's holding.

Enjoying life.

This is supposed to be Shikamaru's post!

Enjoying the nice weather


White Mage Azy

Sorry for the shots which caught her jeans. Please ignore it. T_T

Hinamori from Bleach

Spider Lilies?

Naruto trying to grab the camera while Eichi defending it.

Revenge of Chouji using Naruto's stolen from Kakashi's technique.


Emo? I like this shot.


Priceless shot!

Naruto showing "Sexy no Jutsu" or leg?

Chouji turned into his feminine side.

Sanji, and his cigarette is bent.

Another nice shot.

Poor Zoro.

Love the colours and the overall shot.

Closing time

Nice, nice.

Akiyame's Official Group Shot.

Another group shot

Weird pose mode

Naruto went Egyptian, and Zoro showed me his arse.

Now when did they exchange weapons?

Hey, don't fall!


*speechless* Though its nice.

300mm focal. Details is still retained. Not bad for a non-VR lens.

Barrel distortion.


So, that wraps up the photoshoot from Akiyame at Cat Museum @ DBKU. The weather was burning hot with harsh light. Even with a hood for the lens, I still get stray light, lucky it was reduced with my cap. XD

So, at night, headed over to yen's place to chill a little before heading home and too this.

I love the lighting.


PS: Akiyame people, I'll pass you the photos to either Eichi or Yen or Kenan during the I've Anime meeting. Hopefully I remember.