Monday, June 30, 2008

Akiyame Outing

Well, like I said in the previous post, I was invited to join teh Akiyamers for their cosplay outing+gathering+activity+meeting? (Okay, I'm not sure about the meeting though.)

Anyway, reached there near noon and the sunlight was so harsh, I wanted to rob a neutral density filter off someone but no one has it. Owh well, I let the white balance to take care of the job, but not much effective.

So, on with the pictures!

Another nice wallpaper!

Well, another nice wallpaper but....*wrong direction* *should have taken in landscape mode* T_T

Naruto trying to do crane style kung-fu

Chouji watching out for people who wants to steal his food

Result from waking up too early and sleeping too late

The pirate miss the ocean. Adjusted the colouring to make it nice.

Chouji's jealous of people dating, or is he spying?

Eek! Something got stuck on mah ribbons!

Imma flying!

No ramen? Biscuits will do. Noms~

Don't ask me. I just shot them there and that.

The songstress changed into a white mage and still want to sing. That looks like a script she's holding.

Enjoying life.

This is supposed to be Shikamaru's post!

Enjoying the nice weather


White Mage Azy

Sorry for the shots which caught her jeans. Please ignore it. T_T

Hinamori from Bleach

Spider Lilies?

Naruto trying to grab the camera while Eichi defending it.

Revenge of Chouji using Naruto's stolen from Kakashi's technique.


Emo? I like this shot.


Priceless shot!

Naruto showing "Sexy no Jutsu" or leg?

Chouji turned into his feminine side.

Sanji, and his cigarette is bent.

Another nice shot.

Poor Zoro.

Love the colours and the overall shot.

Closing time

Nice, nice.

Akiyame's Official Group Shot.

Another group shot

Weird pose mode

Naruto went Egyptian, and Zoro showed me his arse.

Now when did they exchange weapons?

Hey, don't fall!


*speechless* Though its nice.

300mm focal. Details is still retained. Not bad for a non-VR lens.

Barrel distortion.


So, that wraps up the photoshoot from Akiyame at Cat Museum @ DBKU. The weather was burning hot with harsh light. Even with a hood for the lens, I still get stray light, lucky it was reduced with my cap. XD

So, at night, headed over to yen's place to chill a little before heading home and too this.

I love the lighting.


PS: Akiyame people, I'll pass you the photos to either Eichi or Yen or Kenan during the I've Anime meeting. Hopefully I remember.

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