Monday, June 30, 2008

Holiday Plans

Well, holiday have started quite a while, more like a week plus only and I have been working my arse off. Not really stressful work, but bit tiring.

Best part of it, I have flexible working hours. I can work anytime I want and leave anytime I want. The catch? There is no catch, okay, maybe little bit, no wait. Lots of computer experiences, and I do not mean surfing net or installing softwares.

Anyway, Akiyame club from LKW invited me for an outing on Saturday so I went and had fun. Photography is fun, and costly and, erm.... well, good shots need one to get down and dirty, even if the floor is wet.

So much plans, so little time. Bah. Maybe Wednesday night I'll call Atzie and Totchi out of a drink. Hrm.

Owh well, I'll see what I can do.

Another 8 hours and I'll be back working again. :D

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