Friday, June 06, 2008

Busy Busy Final

Owh well, seems finals has finally arrived. Hrm...

Much going on again. Seems we got an invitation to do some opening for oneTJ and now, we need to come out with stuff to be proposed. This equates to free costumes again. XD.

Meh. So dead bored of studying. Wish can play all day long.

Good luck to those sitting for finals and ganbarimasu!

On the side note, Top Gear fans rejoice as they will be back on the 22nd June! Thats 3 days after my damn finals, and a day wait before it gets uploaded somewhere for us to grab! Some news here. Enjoy.


rollakid said...

Don't complain, I'm even more dead than you. Was at 3rd floor of CH1 just now waiting for the principal and when I look down from the top I have an urge to just jump down into the tarmac.

22nd June feel so far away... sigh~

サテッリアキッド said...

Well, yea. 22nd June is still so far away. Cannot wait.