Friday, June 20, 2008

Fights Over.

Well, finals have ended yesterday at exactly 11am when I handed over my final final's paper of Marketing Research to the invigilator, grab my stuff and walk out of the examination hall. Paper wise, I'm not very confident with this paper as its kind of a weird subject if you ask me. 10 weeks to master the software and 3 weeks to study theories which is not even relevant to the software. Jeez.

Anyway, Atzie and Totchi called me out for a movie and met Ezra at the cinema to catch a movie called Made of Honour. Nice movie.

Then headed to the loddy of Hilton for a cup of ice blended mocha which was really nice. Beats Starbuck's ice blended mocha, but reminds me of San Francisco's ice blended mocha.

Back home at 7pm, cleaned up my messy, dusty and trashed room in 2 hours until its like how it looked like when I moved in.

Hrm. Gonna be super busy starting now. Lots of jobs incomplete and backlogged.

And I need a job. Don't feel like wasting my holiday doing nothing. Besides, I'm aiming to get an xbox 360. :D

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