Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Message In A Bottle

I wonder who is this for.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Birthday Stuff

As per requested, Atzie asked me to put up picture of what I did to the card she and Totchi gave to me, so here it is, unwatermarked, but its hidden anyway. XD

The Demanding Empress.

Cards. Thanks for it.

I was totally speechless when I opened up the card. You do not want to see whats inside.

Anyway, sorry Atzie for the missing D. It was not a rush job but apparently, I was so engrossed in making it look like ancient medieval letters.

Btw Atzie, the 1st pic is 2mb and the others is 1mb respectively. Sorry for the big file. Had to retain the quality. Right click download it, or something.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Today brought lots of surprises. I got off work early, loitered around work area, and chatted, and went back.

Few hours later, customer called asking for troubleshooting. And I was thinking of lazing around the house and relax for a while, but then, its my job and responsibility as a seller, so I had to go. Pondered to whether to bring the camera or not... Meh, I just grab the camera and headed out.

Checking to what was the problem, apparently the CPU's fan died, or more accurately, the wire got disconnected inside the fan, where it joins the magnet. So, had to get it replace.

Then dropped a set of logitech speaker at my cousin's place as his previous one kaputed, so had it replace with a new unit at a price of course, since his warranty is 2 years overdue.

After that, headed over to Zeraato's place, as I wanted to borrow his costume as a guide for my tailor to make my costume, and I was greeted with a nice surprise.

His dad owns a Porsche, a (930 type) 911 Turbo 3.6! And he offered the chance of letting me having a look at the insides and best of all, the heart of the car, which, was at the car's butt. Still, it's a Porsche.

Look at the wheel arches. So big. Even the disc brakes inside are huge.


Well, I was lucky I brought the cam out. Was planning to take shots of the sky and stars but it turned out I shoot cars instead. XD

Sorry for grainy shots. Had to boost up ISO settings to get the picture, else, no use shooting at all.

Thanks to Zeraato for giving me the privilage to touch a Porsche and his dad for allowing me to have a look. You rock man!