Friday, June 16, 2006

More Updates

Since I'm free and at home now, trying to destress, I'm gonna make up the lost time when i didn't have a connection.

Mua Gundam Astray Red Frame piloted by Lowe - Taken donno when but one month ago.
<-A touch up version I got somewhere from the net. Wonder when I can get till that skill class.
Also, my fav Gundam, Deathscythe Hell Custom piloted my Duo Maxwell *I've touch it up a bit but no time since finals are coming soon plus, I can't afford to buy the markers.*

Least but nor less, a Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom. I do not own it yet but plan to buy it. Saw it at Hock Lee Center at Cassy Toy there.*drools~*
<--Advance modding by some Korean. Using Zeta as body, some Aile Strike's backpack as the wing and bow.Ain't mine either. A wonder of gundam, Wing Zero Custom. I want it. Been dreaming to own it for years.
<--Aile Strike Gundam. Seen one 1/100 scale at Cassy Toy and cost near Rm250. Maybe I should get it? Short of RM50 now but I need the cash for other stuff.

Anyway, thats 2 updates in 1 day. Enjoy.

Those links have models bout gundams. Figure fm has lots.

Major Updates

Ok, for the past few weeks, I've been enjoying my broadband connection, so, those who's in my msn should know. And to those always commenting on going for university...I'm in one already! Next, finals are getting nearer and nearer, with assignment stacking up behind our ass, which is a pain in the arse(get it?) Also, I bought a new gundam model again, owning at least 5 for the moment, which I'm planning to get anothe one, a R-121-1 Hazel Custom. Nice model, which old school guns, and also the latest tech no gundam minus the phase shift or trans phase armour. the kind which can block normal guns attack to some kinda laser attack. Also, freaking stress out now, feeling bit sick.

Also, going to buy an external hd casing cause my com's 80gb hd is near 97% full and because my cousin bought a new com, I took their old hd and use it cause the old com is like history. Waiting my suppliers answer telling me when the casing has arrived. So, thats almost all, minus some minor stuff like Kenny Sia's car gotten broken into, which is old story but I still remembger it vividly, as he lost hips pioneer player but the thief didn't steal his ipod nano! Bakaish=Stupid.

Also, I'm a staff in mangadownload, and you all can find me on the irc too. Also, a staff in their new manga division, Mangadownload-Scanlation Division as a proof reader doing Ragnarok manga for you all who are dling from there or just an info to let you know. Anyway, I'm signing off now. Bye for now.

This is Gary, signing out at 12.55pm on Friday. -Kinda bored now but I have to do my assignment-

PS=I reedit this because just remembered that The Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift Is OUT!!!!!!
Still Jap cars. Hope to see some American, German, Italian,European cars like those on top gear.