Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finals Are Over.

Well.....its over, as clearly stated up there. Its kinda short for the "one of he longest 2 hours and 30 mins of my life" just whoosh by in an instant. I did my best so...abit regretful though cause I got my Philips curve mixed up in the mess inside my head. The paper was quite difficult and also challenging but hard.

Why worry now... I'll just keep praying for the whole month of my holidays that I will passs this paper and the rest.

So, after the exam, me and my mates went out for lunch at McDonalds@Tun Jugah at the expense of our China friend here.

Sorry. I haven't edited the pictures. XD

Change of topic then.

It was rainy when I went for my exam and I woke up at 7am, pull apart the curtain, loaded the batteries of my cam as I left it charging for my today's snapping spree, took that picture from my bedroom window, close the curtains, turn on the air-conditioner(It was on a timer which was off 2 hours before I woke up) as the room was quite warm, and landed back into the bed dozing off for another 30 mins of sleep.

Drove all the way to uni and still pouring cats and dogs. Then it was time for the test.

2 hours later, it was over and I gave up cause my head is blank and was getting headache already.

Then again, I've not much to say here.

Here are a few pictures for your light enjoyment.

These people have lots of free time

Hardcore collector

Well, till then tata~

Going to my supplier's place to get some stuff and also reclaim my broken computer components.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Final's final paper

Well, today is Monday and I actually planned to study but failed cause I woke up quite late, so planned to study in the afternoon but also failed cause managed to concentrate for less then half an hour.

Macroeconomic FTW!

Our university has a policy that we cannot use photocopied books due to the author wanting to protect his right, some copyright craps and he's earning nothing from us photocopying it. Well, for one thing, sell it cheap then we will buy it. Why put such a high profit margin then? Idiots. You're lucky cause there is no piracy in books unlike DVDs and CDs and erm....tapes?

Speaking about book, the Harry Potter 7th installation book is coming out soon next month of the 21st I presume. This will mean Harry is in his 7th Year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or was it the other way around?

Anyway, 5th movie coming out on the 16th of next month so I'm looking forward to it. Called the Order of The Phoenix. Hope its not a disappointment like the 4th movie where we can't see the Champions fight the dragons. But good news. Lets hope there will be more Quidditch shots and not short like the last film again.

Ok, back to the topic. I have notes over the place and since the fan keeps blowing it away, I have to weight it down, and with what beside a cup of water which I drink.

My ultra spanking new paper weight AKA wireless joypad by Rockfire. Price:RM99, but sold at RM110.

This joypad is a wonderful one ever since I use gamepad to play games on my computer because its compatible with PSone and PS2, Yatta~. Also, you can attach it to the computer via a wire to the receiver and its still wireless. Downside, its weighty cause it uses 4 AA batteries but who cares? Its wireless. I'm willing to sacrifice the weight for a wire-free, no hassle joypad. And its portable also, not to mention it vibrates also like an actual PS2 controller. Lets rumble!

And some of you might be wondering what that HDD is for. Btw, its my old computer's HDD which is also my external HDD and my backup HDD.


  • 80gigabyte
  • 7200RPM
  • 8MB Cache
  • IDE ATA100,133 and 166 compatible
It has been loyal to me since I bought it 2 years ago and still is.

And why I say this? Its because.......

ITS BROKEN! The darn thing wouldn't read. I presume something is wrong with the head which reads the data over the platters inside. It power up normally, but just couldn't retrieve any data. Luckly, its still under manufacture's warranty so I can claim it. Happy.

And one more thing. My RAM is also broken. Its upstairs on the cpu. Didn't snap it. Gonna claim it also since Kingston gives lifetime warranty and I mean lifetime but there's a catch. Its a lifetime limited warranty. Meaning, as long as its in production, it will be replace or else, you're dead. Since the RAM is an SD RAM, hope they still produce it as SD RAM is quite old and its like 5 years ago when it came out. And now, people are running DDR2 and newly introduce DDR3 and I'm stuck on SD RAM and also DDR1.

Off to my revision now. Tata~

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dear readers,

If you notice, I have currently 2 ads running, adverlet, which is new and my old google ad ported from the old blog, except with new templates and look. Do help me collect data of those reading by just going down there and answer a few simple question. No thinking needed. Just click, click, click.

I thank you all in advance for doing it, even if you don't, I thank you for reading my blog.

Need a guide? Pictures are given. I hope it does help.

Point your cursor here and click once

After clicking, it turns into this. Answer 4 simple(and I mean really simple) question by selecting the relevent one and click next.

Ain't that easy? Well, thanks once again. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!(read as gozaimas with u being silent)

Maybe I should try putting easy Japanese phrase here to help me recall and improve my japanese language (nihongo).

I'll add pictures of my MG Wing Zero Custom when I have the time, for now, concentrate on my last final paper, macroeconomics. Mr. Omar, here I come! But hope the paper is easy.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will Ye Wii With We

Well, yesterday we gathered in our uni and as the title says, Wii. We all gathered in our usual club room, setup the whole thingy while being mesmerized by the coolness and the glossiness of the Wii and the compactness. Not to mention the Wiimote also.

Teh Wii

Teh Owner of teh Wii

So, on with the first game, Warioware:Smooth Move

After everything was up and running minus the sound, we started with something simple, like the above. Its a mini game which required quick thinking and also reflexs. What I call a fun mindless game.

Players of Warioware and also its victims. See them in action

Another player, whom think he's flying or something along that line. That's how you play.

Next round was WiiSports but unfortunately, we started early and our photographer wasn't there. All this pics were taken after he arrived 1 hour later. The sports is fun and also realistic. I love the baseball cause it actually follows where you are pitching.

Them, it was off to Pangya AKA golf AKA game-orang-lemah-fizikal (game of those physically weak) XD

Golfing in a room is now possible as the stick is only 6 inches long, and comes in a variety of types.

Our very own professional golfer of SAMS(Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) who actually golf using a Casio Scientific Calculator as his main arsenal, apart from the stick.

Next round, Excite Truck, a remake from Excite Bike. Notice the BIG difference. Instead of 2 wheeler, its now a 4x4 wheeler.

The two idiots who keep laughing non-stop through out Excite Truck round.(Drive with the remote, but instead of turning like the steering of a car/bike/truck, you drive it like how aeroplanes turn using their rudders, up and down. so, you have to tilt it.)

Wii wants to wee wee............during excite truck round

After 3 hours of Wiing, some people left for tutorials(classes) and some left to go home (it was around 4.25pm already) So, since SWATwolf, owner also has to go somewhere, he was packing ths other stuff and cooling down the Wii, we all surf pictures taken from Beach Bash 2. Note in the picture on the projection, that so called "sand castle" which looks like a mountain or a pile of craps.


And we found a stash of Haruhi's merchandise at the back of the room. Estimated to be worth RM2k all together and genuinely from Japan cause its all Japanese, including the booklets inside the DVD.

For those are practicing Haruhism, do come by when we have our meeting. Check the notice board for Swinburne Anime & Manga Society gathering. You can look for a few Haruhi fan there and personally interrogate question them.

PS:Honestly saying, blogger is getting better but lacking a few stuff and not as friendly as it used to be but I do welcome these improvement.Think better not mess with the codings so much as my formating is kinda screwed. XD. Happy reading.

And Happy Birthday to Kim.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Post

Well, done some makeover to the blog, same applied to my room. Will be adding revenue generating stuff here and also a chatbox so you can rant there.

Anyway, going out soon with my high school friends later.

Should I get nuffnang or advertlets? Lol. I'm money minded, or more of shortage of money cause from contractionary monetary policy due to the fact that parents do not give me lots of pocket money. Just enough to survive.

Be back to post another exciting day today.


Well, I'm back. Wasn't MIAing but lazy and nothing much to post on my post board of life. So, I have a few request by friends to revive my blog so here it is(part of my plan also since miss blogging). So, lets recap on what happened during my absence for the past half a year.

Last year to early this year, was in KL for 3 months, yea. 3 whole complete month+a few weeks) Before coming back, meet up with NS mates and a an online friend.
Before the above, went paintballing with cousins and friends. Painful but fun!
Earlier this year, was still in KL, and came back near Chinese New Year
Somewhere 1/6 of the year, enrolled back to Uni and retook a flunked subject(HATE THIS!)Quaite a few months ago, strive to success and did what I can for my course.
Few months ago, went into cosplaying together with Cosworld for SwinNight. Fun!
Few weeks after the above, videoshooting with fellow mate in uni for her assignment, more cosplay.
Few weeks after above again, cosplay once more at Friendship Park and fooling around alot.
A month after that, Swinburne Beach Bash 2 was on and was the Organising Committee, and had fun while damn finals was 2 weeks away. Lots of DSing when we were there. Pictures up later.
Few days ago, finals. 2 Hour unlimited word essay and Business Information Technology(screwed)
Today, revived this blog.

Its now offically revived! Yatta~

And btw, watched tonnes of animes, mangas and TV series

TV series watched:
Top Gear(ongoing)

Animes watched:
Jigoku no Shoujo
Nagasarete Airantau
IdolM@ster Xenoglossia

Mangas read:
Rave Master
Yakitate Japan
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
Shaman King(ongoing)

What else....oh. Revival of mdsd scanlation to mDxD scanlation. Still same postion. Head Proofer but no more editor for me. And still moderator of mD. Many people miss me.

Gotten myself a 250GB HDD few months ago right after CNY from money saved to buy Sound Blaster Audigy 4 but seems HDD was getting crowded, hence new HDD, and gotten a SB Live Value from my supplier FOC! FTW~

Fried 2 HDDs, and 1 piece of SD-RAM for my celeron. Haven't go get my warranty claim sinec I just gotten free. Claimed for 1 HDD already, only 1 left. And gotten a 2nd hand P4 for....less than 130 bugs(ringgit). But lacking of ram cause fried.

Modding didn't go well, so dump it.

Too much going on hence blogging is good. Can put my memories here. Well, enjoy and drool over my past life, especially KL one cause I ate my fill of sushis to last me 1 week only. The craving goes on.

Now, off to take my bath since my room now is clean and spanking new again, apart from the loose parket floor panels but who cares. Later, Wii time thanks to courtasy of SWATwolf and a few more friend bring stuff including me, audio guy~

PS:My darn line ain't letting me upload a 4mb pics I took, so next post, back to like old times. Photobucket now is a downer.