Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dear readers,

If you notice, I have currently 2 ads running, adverlet, which is new and my old google ad ported from the old blog, except with new templates and look. Do help me collect data of those reading by just going down there and answer a few simple question. No thinking needed. Just click, click, click.

I thank you all in advance for doing it, even if you don't, I thank you for reading my blog.

Need a guide? Pictures are given. I hope it does help.

Point your cursor here and click once

After clicking, it turns into this. Answer 4 simple(and I mean really simple) question by selecting the relevent one and click next.

Ain't that easy? Well, thanks once again. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!(read as gozaimas with u being silent)

Maybe I should try putting easy Japanese phrase here to help me recall and improve my japanese language (nihongo).

I'll add pictures of my MG Wing Zero Custom when I have the time, for now, concentrate on my last final paper, macroeconomics. Mr. Omar, here I come! But hope the paper is easy.

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Wheee said...

kamek sik akan klik.