Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I'm back. Wasn't MIAing but lazy and nothing much to post on my post board of life. So, I have a few request by friends to revive my blog so here it is(part of my plan also since miss blogging). So, lets recap on what happened during my absence for the past half a year.

Last year to early this year, was in KL for 3 months, yea. 3 whole complete month+a few weeks) Before coming back, meet up with NS mates and a an online friend.
Before the above, went paintballing with cousins and friends. Painful but fun!
Earlier this year, was still in KL, and came back near Chinese New Year
Somewhere 1/6 of the year, enrolled back to Uni and retook a flunked subject(HATE THIS!)Quaite a few months ago, strive to success and did what I can for my course.
Few months ago, went into cosplaying together with Cosworld for SwinNight. Fun!
Few weeks after the above, videoshooting with fellow mate in uni for her assignment, more cosplay.
Few weeks after above again, cosplay once more at Friendship Park and fooling around alot.
A month after that, Swinburne Beach Bash 2 was on and was the Organising Committee, and had fun while damn finals was 2 weeks away. Lots of DSing when we were there. Pictures up later.
Few days ago, finals. 2 Hour unlimited word essay and Business Information Technology(screwed)
Today, revived this blog.

Its now offically revived! Yatta~

And btw, watched tonnes of animes, mangas and TV series

TV series watched:
Top Gear(ongoing)

Animes watched:
Jigoku no Shoujo
Nagasarete Airantau
IdolM@ster Xenoglossia

Mangas read:
Rave Master
Yakitate Japan
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
Shaman King(ongoing)

What else....oh. Revival of mdsd scanlation to mDxD scanlation. Still same postion. Head Proofer but no more editor for me. And still moderator of mD. Many people miss me.

Gotten myself a 250GB HDD few months ago right after CNY from money saved to buy Sound Blaster Audigy 4 but seems HDD was getting crowded, hence new HDD, and gotten a SB Live Value from my supplier FOC! FTW~

Fried 2 HDDs, and 1 piece of SD-RAM for my celeron. Haven't go get my warranty claim sinec I just gotten free. Claimed for 1 HDD already, only 1 left. And gotten a 2nd hand P4 for....less than 130 bugs(ringgit). But lacking of ram cause fried.

Modding didn't go well, so dump it.

Too much going on hence blogging is good. Can put my memories here. Well, enjoy and drool over my past life, especially KL one cause I ate my fill of sushis to last me 1 week only. The craving goes on.

Now, off to take my bath since my room now is clean and spanking new again, apart from the loose parket floor panels but who cares. Later, Wii time thanks to courtasy of SWATwolf and a few more friend bring stuff including me, audio guy~

PS:My darn line ain't letting me upload a 4mb pics I took, so next post, back to like old times. Photobucket now is a downer.

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