Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will Ye Wii With We

Well, yesterday we gathered in our uni and as the title says, Wii. We all gathered in our usual club room, setup the whole thingy while being mesmerized by the coolness and the glossiness of the Wii and the compactness. Not to mention the Wiimote also.

Teh Wii

Teh Owner of teh Wii

So, on with the first game, Warioware:Smooth Move

After everything was up and running minus the sound, we started with something simple, like the above. Its a mini game which required quick thinking and also reflexs. What I call a fun mindless game.

Players of Warioware and also its victims. See them in action

Another player, whom think he's flying or something along that line. That's how you play.

Next round was WiiSports but unfortunately, we started early and our photographer wasn't there. All this pics were taken after he arrived 1 hour later. The sports is fun and also realistic. I love the baseball cause it actually follows where you are pitching.

Them, it was off to Pangya AKA golf AKA game-orang-lemah-fizikal (game of those physically weak) XD

Golfing in a room is now possible as the stick is only 6 inches long, and comes in a variety of types.

Our very own professional golfer of SAMS(Swinburne Anime & Manga Society) who actually golf using a Casio Scientific Calculator as his main arsenal, apart from the stick.

Next round, Excite Truck, a remake from Excite Bike. Notice the BIG difference. Instead of 2 wheeler, its now a 4x4 wheeler.

The two idiots who keep laughing non-stop through out Excite Truck round.(Drive with the remote, but instead of turning like the steering of a car/bike/truck, you drive it like how aeroplanes turn using their rudders, up and down. so, you have to tilt it.)

Wii wants to wee wee............during excite truck round

After 3 hours of Wiing, some people left for tutorials(classes) and some left to go home (it was around 4.25pm already) So, since SWATwolf, owner also has to go somewhere, he was packing ths other stuff and cooling down the Wii, we all surf pictures taken from Beach Bash 2. Note in the picture on the projection, that so called "sand castle" which looks like a mountain or a pile of craps.


And we found a stash of Haruhi's merchandise at the back of the room. Estimated to be worth RM2k all together and genuinely from Japan cause its all Japanese, including the booklets inside the DVD.

For those are practicing Haruhism, do come by when we have our meeting. Check the notice board for Swinburne Anime & Manga Society gathering. You can look for a few Haruhi fan there and personally interrogate question them.

PS:Honestly saying, blogger is getting better but lacking a few stuff and not as friendly as it used to be but I do welcome these improvement.Think better not mess with the codings so much as my formating is kinda screwed. XD. Happy reading.

And Happy Birthday to Kim.

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