Monday, June 25, 2007

Final's final paper

Well, today is Monday and I actually planned to study but failed cause I woke up quite late, so planned to study in the afternoon but also failed cause managed to concentrate for less then half an hour.

Macroeconomic FTW!

Our university has a policy that we cannot use photocopied books due to the author wanting to protect his right, some copyright craps and he's earning nothing from us photocopying it. Well, for one thing, sell it cheap then we will buy it. Why put such a high profit margin then? Idiots. You're lucky cause there is no piracy in books unlike DVDs and CDs and erm....tapes?

Speaking about book, the Harry Potter 7th installation book is coming out soon next month of the 21st I presume. This will mean Harry is in his 7th Year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or was it the other way around?

Anyway, 5th movie coming out on the 16th of next month so I'm looking forward to it. Called the Order of The Phoenix. Hope its not a disappointment like the 4th movie where we can't see the Champions fight the dragons. But good news. Lets hope there will be more Quidditch shots and not short like the last film again.

Ok, back to the topic. I have notes over the place and since the fan keeps blowing it away, I have to weight it down, and with what beside a cup of water which I drink.

My ultra spanking new paper weight AKA wireless joypad by Rockfire. Price:RM99, but sold at RM110.

This joypad is a wonderful one ever since I use gamepad to play games on my computer because its compatible with PSone and PS2, Yatta~. Also, you can attach it to the computer via a wire to the receiver and its still wireless. Downside, its weighty cause it uses 4 AA batteries but who cares? Its wireless. I'm willing to sacrifice the weight for a wire-free, no hassle joypad. And its portable also, not to mention it vibrates also like an actual PS2 controller. Lets rumble!

And some of you might be wondering what that HDD is for. Btw, its my old computer's HDD which is also my external HDD and my backup HDD.


  • 80gigabyte
  • 7200RPM
  • 8MB Cache
  • IDE ATA100,133 and 166 compatible
It has been loyal to me since I bought it 2 years ago and still is.

And why I say this? Its because.......

ITS BROKEN! The darn thing wouldn't read. I presume something is wrong with the head which reads the data over the platters inside. It power up normally, but just couldn't retrieve any data. Luckly, its still under manufacture's warranty so I can claim it. Happy.

And one more thing. My RAM is also broken. Its upstairs on the cpu. Didn't snap it. Gonna claim it also since Kingston gives lifetime warranty and I mean lifetime but there's a catch. Its a lifetime limited warranty. Meaning, as long as its in production, it will be replace or else, you're dead. Since the RAM is an SD RAM, hope they still produce it as SD RAM is quite old and its like 5 years ago when it came out. And now, people are running DDR2 and newly introduce DDR3 and I'm stuck on SD RAM and also DDR1.

Off to my revision now. Tata~

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