Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finals Are Over.

Well.....its over, as clearly stated up there. Its kinda short for the "one of he longest 2 hours and 30 mins of my life" just whoosh by in an instant. I did my best so...abit regretful though cause I got my Philips curve mixed up in the mess inside my head. The paper was quite difficult and also challenging but hard.

Why worry now... I'll just keep praying for the whole month of my holidays that I will passs this paper and the rest.

So, after the exam, me and my mates went out for lunch at McDonalds@Tun Jugah at the expense of our China friend here.

Sorry. I haven't edited the pictures. XD

Change of topic then.

It was rainy when I went for my exam and I woke up at 7am, pull apart the curtain, loaded the batteries of my cam as I left it charging for my today's snapping spree, took that picture from my bedroom window, close the curtains, turn on the air-conditioner(It was on a timer which was off 2 hours before I woke up) as the room was quite warm, and landed back into the bed dozing off for another 30 mins of sleep.

Drove all the way to uni and still pouring cats and dogs. Then it was time for the test.

2 hours later, it was over and I gave up cause my head is blank and was getting headache already.

Then again, I've not much to say here.

Here are a few pictures for your light enjoyment.

These people have lots of free time

Hardcore collector

Well, till then tata~

Going to my supplier's place to get some stuff and also reclaim my broken computer components.

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SWATおかみ said...

glad u finished yours. i just started mine =\