Thursday, May 21, 2009

3/4 Dead

Well, life ain't what it used to be. So much ups and downs this time, and also, stuff happened which makes everything feels like one is standing on an ice sheet, never knowing when it will blob or even sink away or worst, give way.

Uni has been on its usual fits of tortures and evilness. This time, was armed and ready, almost.

Crappy shot. Just wanted to show ya'll how I had been doing my work. T_T But its a nice way to work. Less alt-tabbing between browsers, documents and slides.

Aside from that, managed to sneak in some time to shoot something. Feels like somewhat degraded and improved on some part of my skills. =\

I love this shot. Empty but nice.

HDRish in a way, I think... *friend said it looks normal.*

Cute dog.

Another shot I love. Also empty.

Hot chocolate, but not that nice. Tasted better. *Bali~*

Hrm. Okay. Now I'm bored.

I would like to thank a friend who borrowed me to fiddle around with their camera, this time, a Canon 40D. In my opinion, its a good camera. I love the grip compare to Canon's lower offerings (no hard feelings Canoners), and feels pretty solid. Dual it up against the Nikon d80, its a little tad heavier (minus the lens of course). Shutter sounds pretty different too.

Anyway, need to head back to uni again later for a meeting. And tomorrow night, my relatives are coming and I will be in near hell again for CRM final report for my finals.

Argh. Impeccable timing.

Canon 50D anyone? =D