Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things Happens

Today, was out for a shooting since a friend requested for help so I was glad to give a helping hand and also, was sick leaving my butt rotting away on the chair staring at my assignments. A little bit of fresh air would do me good.... Yea right!

My nikkor lens nearly shattered as the frontal element of the lens came off its mount and landed on my foot and on to the ground. Great. I have a chip on my lens. Luckily, it does not affect the picture but its a scar on the lens already.

See the white part? That is the chipped part of the lens. Inside.

And no, I did not drop the damn camera.


Gonna send to for warranty claim tomorrow.


rollakid said...

Tell me how it goes. 16-85mm drr drr drr!! wider is better!

satriakid said...


18-85 drr drr drr? I prefer 12-24. :D

Frosty said...
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Frosty said...

Eh?.....deleted my own comments lol, anyway.

Yeap, did my research.Doesn't matter what's the lens format, DX, four-thirds,EF or whatever, ALL digital lenses are compared to a FF 35mm lens FOV.your lens still count as 27-202.5mm. not literally 18-135mm like you claim, hehe....

'DX' lenses is only optimized so It produce better image on on digital sensors(instead of film).

The fact is if it's not FF sensor, all lenses FOV are counted as if it were attached to a FF size sensors(or film like some people wud like to call It). So the 1.5x crop factor on ur D80 applies to all film AND digital lenses. That is just how It goes sadly.

satriakid said...

I said my MF lens would be multiply by 1.5x. Pratically all DX formats need to be times by 1.5x due to the cropping factor of the sensor which is not at a 35mm size. This applies for a few digital SLRs as each of them have different cropping factor from 1.2 - 2.0.

Having a 18-135 (DX at 27-202) beats a 35-105 (DX at 52-157) anytime.

But it does not apply for film or FF cameras.


Frosty said...

Lol, sempat online.

Well so I was right all along

But still I remembered wat u said that day, It was something like....
trrngggggg~(flashback sfx)

Me:Ur 18mm equal to 27-28mm rite?
Intel: No, It's 18mm, coz It's DX format.(or something like that)

or we both got It right.....just miscommunication problem lol.yeah, It must be that. o.O"

peace yo'

satriakid said...

Memang sempat. XD

Owh well. Photography is fun. Technicalities makes it hard,

Frosty said...

Oh yea, check out, good reading, mostly about compact camera but applies to D-slr sensors as well :)

rollakid said...

Nikonians have the 1.5 crop factor programmed into their head already... it's like hardware decoding. 16-85mm people will know it's 24-128~mm.

No denying 24mm in 35mm format isn't wide, it's just not extreme wide.

How I wish the 16-85mm is f/3.5-4.5 instead, I mean, for the price they charge, they might as well be.