Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Japanese Language Club Annual Dinner @ Sanga

Well, 15th October was the annivesary of the Japanese Language Club so, we held a dinner at Sanga near Sarawak Plaza.

Pictures will tell more. Too lazy to type everything for now.

Fried Udon with salmon shreads.

Teriyaki Chicken

Prawn Tempura


Tako balls


Wasabi anyone?


Sake! (No, its not wrong. Salmon is called sake also. But in another kanji.)

Sake. (Yes, the real deal sake:rice wine)

Yapping away while waiting

Members taking their foods.

Some stuff on the shelfs. Darn, need bigger flash.

Cute right?

And this is what happens.

Thanks to Sanga's owner and cook, the guy at the back there, being helped by his sister and the rest of the committee members of Japanese Language Club.

Not forgetting our Takahashi sensei and our club adviors, Mr.Ondris and his Japanese wife also for joining us.

Thanks to Sanga for offering us a good price for all the food, a free bottle of Sake and fried udon as sponsorship to us.

I was thinking of going there just now but I'm broke. T_T