Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zetsubou Da!

Finals is here and finally, one of the hardest 3 hours of waiting and doing is finally over. Accounting for Success paper was concluded at 12pm yesterday and the second paper, Marketing Planning was concluded at 4.10pm yesterday, right on the same day.

Accounting was ok as there wasn't a Manufacturing Statement and only merchandising statement which I balance everything out. Rechecked it 3 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming as I was reluctent to get out of bed and drag my ass to uni yesterday morning. Rest of the paper was ok as I did what I was suppose to do and I'll pray that I'll pass the damn paper as I really dispise accounting.

Marketing Planning was kinda ok but due to time limit, we had to write like insane people as 2 hours to do essay-type questions was really impossible, even if one can type very fast as one needs time to think and brainstorm, not just blabble some mumble-jumble into the paper else Tony Lobo will get pissed. Pray paper stays in Kuching and not to be sent to Aussieland, and this goes for my Accounting paper also.


Oh well. Next Monday will be something I really enjoy at least, Law in Global Business but having to memorise case studies and precedings is kinda killing but oh well. Since I'm here, I'll have to face it head on, while giving ample time to brace oneself for the impact.

I'll have to fix my Pilot G-tec later as Marketing Planning had nearly killed it as the tip had bent and my hand hurts alot due to the strain and also pressure of not being able to complete it. But hey, I did enjoy that paper as I can write about Tony Fernandes and his company, Airasia.

And both Tony aren't related.

Played CS online yesterday to get rid of the heavy feeling on my chest and stress and found some hackers doing something and this happens.



Anyway, someone selling a Canon 10D with 50mm EF lens at less than RM2k. Cheap. Darn Penang people so rich.

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