Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hard Day!

Today was fun, no class(got cancel) and overslept till 11.30am!!!(wanted to get up early but not at 7am) Woke up and got ready to go to college's gym at 2pm and managed togo online and play games a little before going. Then when I reached there.....IT WASN'T OPEN!!!(Where did the coordinator go?) Since I bought a portable hard disk casing and had a laptop hd that's still working but not used, I fix it into the casing and brought it to college and went to the Computer Lab and downloaded some assignment from the server(Our assignment are 1/3 done online(document that needs to be download to save paper-Swinburne's conservative! Surprise,Surprise!) and saved to my 2GB portable Hard Disk(Flash Drives can't beat it! Get what I mean?)

Then at 3pm my friend ask me to go gym and we went there and guess what? It was open and weird people I never seen were inside.Went in and played table tennis(ping pong) then lifted weight and did endurance on the bike(Did less because yesterday went to gym and whole body aching.Tomorrow must be worst since my body still ache from yesterday's workout) Then went back home,did some mod to the portable hd and watched XXX(Triple X=not what you think!) Vin Diesel was so cool!Then my friend sms me ask me homework done yet then a big big super heavy meteor hit my. I HAVEN'T DONE MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i whipped out my portable hd(Lucky I bought it) and started downloading all the notes to it and brought it to my grandma's house to do it(partially done) and came back then finished the rest. So, now I'm writing out to my bibiology for others to read. This is Gary signing out for the day.(Wow, that was exhausting from all the typing) Joking people!)

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