Saturday, July 30, 2005

Exciting Saturday

Well, woke up around 10am because friend from Labuan came back. Made so much noise! Then power up com and started playing Commandos Behind Enemy Lines that i dug out from dusty box(more than 8 years old that game is) and gaming like there is no time to lose. Dad ring and asked me to get ready for lunch outside(Breakfast? Nah, no breakfast for me if I stay at home) Then went to get dad's car(lousy car's starter went kaput again) then switch car and drove my satria to my mom's office(long traffic jam and took the wrong way!BAKA!!!) Suddenly......the temp meter went up a notch in 3 mins. Rushed to mom's office and popped the hood(Guess what?) Radiator's cap has a leak! So, brought it to reapir shop then went out with friends till 4.30pm where i went back and fetch the car.(The repair cost RM100.What a rip off) Then went back home and more Commandos. Then at 6pm went out for dinner and went shopping for Bleach anime and movies. Now back at home, on my comfy chair,typing this blog that i regreated making,chatting on irc and msn. Later maybe more Commandos?(Never get to finish it. Ithe first time i played with it i gave up when i was at 2nd mission) This is Gary signing out of the early day

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