Sunday, July 15, 2007

Titleless Post Becomes Rants About Harry Potter 4

Change of title means change of post contains.

Last night, me and my friends from high school went for a movie, called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The movie was great from the start, though I criticize that Harry(Daniel) looks nerdy now.

Well, more spoilers so here goes. Those who want to avoid it, do scroll down.

First off, we don't get to see Harry's Patronus shape. Secondly, Dudley become sort of a gangster, but a whimpy one. Thirdly, dementors looks...well, naked. And Sirius' place, the portrait of Sirius' parents didn't curse Harry like in the book. They pratically missed alot of the details in the book. Lots to rant about. Moving forward, no Quidditch, and the room where Harry organized a secret DA club wasn't accurate and also they didn't explain what the club is about, just saying that its to protect them from dark arts. Lastly, the fighting scene at the end was too fast as it seems that the director was pratically rushing everything. Can't even get a glimps of the people who came and fought the Death Eaters but luck;y I did read the book so I knew. And in-between scenes, I don't get Hermione's laugh and Ronald's joke. Cho Chang looks worst in this movie, compare to the pervious. Luna Lovegood character is okay only. Apart from that, Sirus died from Avada Kadavra, died in a weird way, like faded into dust. X.X

Overall, I can say the starting was good with a bad ending.

Ok, end of my rants.

Also as yesterday, the Rainforest World Musical Festival has kicked off with a big start. Those who went, do enjoy and those who didn't like me...well, are better off and watching Live Free or Die Hard 4. Well, this year ain't going cause my uncle ain't going because of kick@ss ticket price of RM90 compare to last year's RM60. Also, since he's not given the job do the backdrops, we have no free tickets and backpasses.

Anyway, I'm off to do something. Cheers.

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