Friday, July 20, 2007

We're on Newspaper! v2

Updated again as the third and final page of the paper is added. Means change of contains in my post as well.
Well, we have appeared in a local newspaper called Sarawak Wan Pau or Sarawak International as they call it. No idea why.

Well, alert to those on dail-ups, the picture file is really big as its the original copy. I just had to watermark it right there as there is no place to put or else I'll ruin the words and also the pictures. Enjoy.

The First Page

The Second Page

The Third Page

I just got the 3rd page from my friend. She works with them so I can get the original file, all thanks to Cosworld Production and also Cosworld for the opportunity though my face can't be seen and my parents asked me why.

And btw, I can't read chinese cause I'm not chinese educated though being brought up in a traditional chinese way, like herbs are better than medicines, and we eat using chopsticks and a round bowl instead of a plate. XD. I can speak mandarin fluently till a certain extend. Hence, being called half banana.


ToMCaT said...

Wa... Our ANBU from SAMS is inside the newspaper!!! XD

rain said...

i thought Anbu memang in?

Serene said...

Haha.. Ya ya.. Can make our uni proud XP jk jk hehe.. Well, wanna read the 3rd 1 but the wordings a lil hard to read coz too small >< Asking my fren to keep the newspaper 4 me ^^"

Intel_Pentium said...

Mine is the original copy direct from haru who convert it for me. How came cannot see? Zoom in la. The picture is in high quality and large scan.

Neko chan said...

== everybody in not inside nia....T_T