Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Stuff

Well, on Tuesday, Me and my friends when to India Street and Gambir Street to buy materials needed for this coming cosplay performance during the Kuching City Festival and parade. So, this are the stuff I bought.

All black.

Well, I have my tattoo design done, my armwarmer, my old gym gloves and a piece of big white cloth which is going to be turned into a vest soon. Guess can't see much cause everything is black.

Anyway, going to pick up my ninjaken from my uncle who had it airbrushed for me as, well...lets say his workers are doing airbrushing and might as well ask them to do it for me and they have better colours.

Going to uni later.

Ragnarok Battle Offline

Was playing this game a few days ago and now got kinda bored cause I only play it alone so not worth the fun but its still retains the old school fun of side scrolling RPG games like Castlevania and Megaman, except Ragnarok Style.

For those who want to try it or want to have the game, point your IE/Firefox/Opera/Nescape/NJStar or whatever browser you're using to Do register as its free and you'll get access to tonnes of guides and also expansion packs. I'm currently on the 1st expansion pack.

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