Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, just to let you people know, I'm in the scanlation group called mdxd, as the title says. So, the position I got from there is head proofer, meaning I have to check through translation scripts and then proof it. Also, being head proofer, I have to rule out bad proofers and also filter out new applications(this part is a pain). That means doing grammar correction, vocabularies checking and also spellings and also adding capitalization and notations as needed.

The story is like this. I was a staff member of mangadownload, as moderator and uploader. A few months later, our admin, Sneakerpimp decided we make a scanlation group, hence we did and I joined as a proofer also. We were called mdsd:Mangadownload Scanlation Division. We did a few mangas. From Dragon Sister to some-weird-forgotten-name-manga and it was a success. We got famous around the scanlation community because of our good work and also fast and high quality scans. But in the end, some staff left us, like raiken who's busy with work and also our sozo-chan. Then Sneakerpimp was the head editor of Yanime whom brought you guy and gals Ichigo 100%.

Well, now Yanime is dead cause many left and have things need to be done in real life so they moved on and Yanime was history.

So, Magyver took over, whom is an American Army personal. A private working currently in Iraq and doing scanlation job together with the few of us. Currently working on MPD, Storm Rider and Death Note. We have a few more upcoming projects so do visit us at mDxD. You can also join the forum and see our progress.

Currently we're looking for translators whom can translate Bahasa Indonesia to English, Japanese to English and Chinese to English. We also welcome editors who have experience editing mangas or if you're willing to learn or join, do direct your browser there. I go under the same alias:intel as I do in mangadownload too.

We also need proofers who have good english mastery and also quality checkers who will check the edited mangas and look through it and pin-point the flaws and mistakes before it gets release.

If you're interested or have the qualities which meets our standard, head over to our forum and sign-up as its free and take the test and we'll decide of you can take the job or...well, get fired before getting hired.

Remember, scanlation is all about from fans to fans. We do it for free and we do it for our community and those alike. We do not pay salaries monthly nor we give special previlages but at the end of the day, you'll feel happy your name(nick) ends up in the credits and people will thank you for doing it, even though they will never know you in real life nor thank you after reading. I do appreciate scanlators for all the mangas I've read and downloaded into my HDD, so I know the feeling.

Well, what are you waiting for? Headover to mangadownload scanlation to join the scanlation team or mangadownload for more mangas. Do read the FAQ though in mD or else I'll delete unreasonable posts.

PS=Wow, lots of words but my bad. Sorry because this stuff has no pictures unless I upload the credit pages from the manga we scan. XD


Anonymous said...

Serene - Haha.. At least you got experience and became famous @.@ Famous? :P Well.. I d heard of Yanime b4 haha.. Anyway, gud luck to ya in your current scanlation group ;) if still got ^^"

rain said...

fuu... the tough life of being part of a scanlation/fansubbing group.

we need moar translators!

Intel_Pentium said...

The scanlation team is still going on. Just renamed from mdsd to mdxd and taken over by our own member and also admins.

Yanime is dead because i was also a scanlator there.

@rain=No fansubbing for me. Its too hard. I was with Aone last time. God. Almost killed me.

Serene said...

Yea.. you'll become very bz after taking this kinda work :P I experienced it b4 but as a staff of a graphics website ^^"

rain said...

was thinking of trying fansubbing some time...