Monday, July 30, 2007

Interact Installation Dinner

Gosh. I always protest of going for Interacters dinner and gathering and for once, that rule was broken because my parents and relatives whom are going doesn't know and I got drag there whether I like it or not.

A few tips for you all whom are going for this Interact future dinner thingy,

  1. You must know at least 3 dozen of the people there
  2. You have to know whats going on, not just eating
  3. Do place emphasis for those around age to go, not just parents cause parents have no idea whats going on and they do not like those rock and hip hop and techno songs blaring over the PA system, not to mention at deafening level.
  4. Do have a backup plan for this kind of stuff, so I had my trusty V3 loaded with Hiragana and E-book so I was paying more attention to this that whats going on.
  5. I have post of a Vice-President and parents just shrug it off like its nothing and my cousin who was promoted to VP in the Interact club got so much attention. Well, I don't care. Even his dad was clueless about what was happening.
  6. Forgotten another backup plan, I brought my mp3 player along. Sadly, I managed to get 1 hour of play time as I forgotten to charge it.
  7. Me and my older cousin loiter around the restaurant than being inside. Chatted away outside for an hour after filling out tank.
  8. Lucky draws are cheap. We got 3 and it was a tin of biscuits and keychains. I have more keychains in my cabinate that those being given away.
  9. Food was......Well, hard to say cause eating with relatives meaning I can't be myself as I enjoy food but they gobble it down like there is no tomorrow.
  10. Grandma was freezing, and so was I.

Hence, stupid waste of my time.

New semester is starting soon. I just can't wait to go to KL at the end of the year.


ToMCaT said...

Are you planning to go to KL at the end of this year?
Remember to bring me there too... XD

nerdrazor said...

Interact? What is that?

rain said...

rm30 bugs no wai