Friday, August 03, 2007

Time Is Of The Essence

Well, been pratically very busy for the past and current week. I'll be heading off to the city for the full rehearsal before D-day tomorrow. Also, having our own rehearsal since last week and I can say I'm kinda proud of it but its for the audience to decide if they like it or not but what I can say is it will be the first but not sticking out of the crowd because there will be other cosplay aside from us in a form of neko(cat)

Pictures of our rehearsal and bloopers will be up once I get them and also during the day and also video of our performance. Stay tune.

On the side note, I got a msg from my friend that the city council president has kicked the bucket but I'm not sure about it. Also, I've fully completed my costume and props. Only thing left unattended is my tattoo design which I have yet to transfer it to a cardboard sheet before I imprint it.

PS:Mangadownload just went berserked. Updates every single day and I mean it.

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