Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top Gear 720p 2nd Part

Ok, I've finished watching and more pictures coming. Tad smaller now as I save it in jpeg but it still eats up bandwidth.

One of the best.

Picking up from where we left.

" No!"

"Been days and I haven't have a drop of wine!"

James May being towed behind while he craps

I've no idea what this husky dog is doing.

Jeremy being aggressive in his driving. And.............

"I see something dug itself into the snow!" said May

Thats the extra fuel tank for the Hilux

"And this damn absorber is broken."

And the tyre came off the rim.

Outlanders how-to-survive-in-artic skills coming in handy. Add a little lighter fluid....


"There, good as new."

More husky!
Sleeping while driving is fun, especially in the artic region.

"Its flat!!!!!"

And more husky. I can't get enough.

And getting their rest after 13 hours of running. Kya~wa~ii!

After sleeping for 3 hours, they're off!

Jeremy being aggressive after a prolong hours of slow driving.

Even the water bottle flew out and was drag behind.

"Left! Left!" shouted May

"Almost there..." continued Clarkson.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

GPS showing the North Pole location.

Richard still running. He fell off the sledge.

"Hamster, we're here!"


"Hammond, May. Bad."

Still going on......

Clarkson enhoying his beer and May eating his SPAM which was shot apart by Clarkson with a shotgun.

Well, the whole series is nice. Waiting for the next season to start. September!


khushi said...

Nice Dudes that's nice photos...James May being towed behind while he craps good work.The top gears has received considerable acclaim for its visuals and presentation, as well as a number of criticisms for its content and comments made by presenters.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Nice image collection. I like all these photos. I love to watch Top Gear episodes online with my friends. I also have a collection of Top Gear Seasons. I never missed any episodes of this show. Really, It's mind blowing show!!!!