Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've Found Something

I've found something in uni. A wacom tablet. And a DS Stylus.

I was leaving the computer lab of my uni when I noticed something familar. The bluish greenish tablet was on an open PC with no one there. I unplugged it and turn off the com. Kept the tablet and went off. I stopped halfway and went back to recheck everything.

And found the DS stylus.

All owned by SWATwolf.

Called him and he was, I reckon, sleeping.

SWATwolf: *sleepy voice* "Wad?"
Me: "..... You left something."
SWATwolf: *same mode* "Wad?"
Me: "What you use to draw on your computer?"
SWATwolf: "Donno......."
Me: "................ You left your tablet!"
SWATwolf: "Oowh~" "You keep for me...."
Me: *sigh* "Ok la."

And that was it. He wasn't even shocked.

On a side note, pictures of the parade will come later as I awaits it to be compiled and kept in our club's library.

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