Saturday, August 04, 2007


Another day yesterday as we marched our way from Jubilee Ground to the Merdeka Square. Been standing and runing up and down for the past 6 hours and my calf and hamstring hurts.

One of my course mate saw us and called us. You know who you are. Anyway, do be there and snap pictures of us later on. Hopefully I can sms you.

Anyway, we went off around 11.45pm and went back to uni. I was sending SWATwolf home and I made an illegal U-turn on a junction and our proud police was camping right inside that damn road, and flashed their blue light. I was "Oh crap!" They tailed me quite a distance before pulling me over.

And here was the convo. I opened the door but he demanded the window. Since window was kinda faulty, he had to wait for me to open it.

You-know-who: "Mane lesen?" (Where is your driving licence?)
Me: I passed him teh licence
You-know-who: "You tau you buat ape salah?" (Do you know your offence?)
Me: "Tau Tuan." (Yes sir.*you have to pamper them*)
You-know-who: "Ah, itu dia. You masa belajar dapat lesen tidak boleh maciam itu." (When you obtain your driving licence, you should know the rules)
Me: "Tau Tuan. Saya keja nak balik tuan." (I know sir. I'm rushing back home now.*it was 12.45am)

He talk about something and his mate came and asked me what I'm doing, why was I still around this time and what my parents work as and was I still a student.

You-know-who: "Jadi, macam mane? Nah saman ka?" (So, you want to be issued a summon?)
Me: "Saya tidak tau Tuan. Tuan cakap la."
You-know-who: He popped his head nearer to me, "You cakap kopi-O ka?" (You want to bribe me?)
Me: "Kan salah Tuan?" (Isn't it wrong sir?)
You-know-who: "Jadi saman la....." (Then I'll issue you a summon.)
Me: ...........
You-know-who's mate: "You ade berapa?" (How much do you have?)
Me: "12 bugs left Tuan" (RM12 only.)
You-know-who's mate: "Ayo. 20 cukup la. 10 mana dapat." (At least 20. 10 is not enough.)
Me: "Tinggal ini tuan." (That all I have)
You-know-who: *He shone his torch at my wallet*
You-know-who: "Tak ape la. Lain kali, jangan buat lagi ya?" (Its ok, just don't do it next time.)

He looked around and popped my licence back to me while he crumple the 10 bugs I gave him, shook his hand for letting me go free and sped off like Speedy Gonzale.

And I drove the whole way home pissed off. Least better than getting a 150 bug fine. Damn that was scary.

Well, today is the big day for the city parade.

No pictures nowadays cause I rarely carry my cam around but I hog my friend's dSLR so I'll get pictures from him when uni starts. I've got pictures of uni orientation also.


ToMCaT said...

OMG! You have been catched by the police? @_@"

rain said...

10 bugs he wants...

water_angel said...

pictures are up ^_^

only 10 bugs??? cheap cheap police nowadays -_-"

Miku Miku said...

Wah.. Mentang2 the police have nothing to do.. Imagine, working so late at night and no mangsa to be found until they found you.. Lolx.. Yalah, next time be careful ne.. XP