Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cosworld Gathering at Kuching Festival

Kuching Party Time!

Ok, before that, I'll cover whats Kuching Festival is about. It is to commerate the day Kuching town was finally given a status as a city years ago, which I do not remember. Google for Malaysia, Kuching City.

Anyway, the fest is held for roughly a month and hawkers and food sellers from around the city will gather under 1 compound, not roof cause its open air, near Jubilee Grounds. Foods are abundend and you need lots of cash if you're a food junkie like me but...being damn pack, buying food is sometimes hard as you have to be really patience. Sometimes, people will just cut through and buy theirs.

You can even get foods that aren't local as there are international people who comes to Kuching and open up branches and also shops serving their speciality like Indonesian food and other ethinical group of people selling their speciality. Well, I still like Kimchi alot since its veggy and...ITS SPICY!!! *note to oneself, if you dislike spicy food, stay away.*

I wish home-made sushi are good cause honestly saying, after eating sushis from KL and made directly and fresh, it taste really different. Even those pre-package ones in Jusco KL is better tasting.

Ok, so on with the post. Our club planned to have a gathering there: Cosworld

So, we met around 4pm to get ready. I borrow my aunt's d40X Nikon and surprisingly, its way lighter and less stressful on the wrist. Unluckyly, her external flash is missing of 4x AA batteries so my photosnapping adventure ended up short. But a gig worth of pictures is nice. I had a wide to semi-tele lense with me so the shots are all mostly upclose.

Lelong time!

Testing macro shots. Not bad.

Yuna and her mom!

Caught red-handed! "Eh, which one ha? No kiddies one?"

Kakashi practicing his speech for being late.

Packing up.

Kakashi was crying.

Naruto distorted~

Mastermind working.

Now they have upgraded themself.

Illegal meeting with rokudaime.

Cloud missing his pants. And FF 13 char sporting Jordans.

Frist group to pose with us.

SWATwolf trying to spoil the camera.

Naruto calling Sakura and Sasuke. Now, ninja messengers are't needed. They are jobless.

Kakashi's face almost revealed!

Spot something on Naruto's hand.

More shots of us all eating.

Yuna and Haku. Notice the cake.

Anyway, it was Jimmy's birthday party as we celebrate it in advance. So, yea. Thats why the cake is there.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Squal spotted, along with Aya from Weizz Kruz

Kiss from Yuna to Naruto. Sakura-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Point at the....the......etto.............erm............*use your imagination*

Cosworld Gathering 18th August, 2007

It was fun and hectic as we can't really properly eat and enjoy the food as people kept dragging us to pose with them plus, when we move, a bunch of girls kept following us around. Also, it drizzled a little which made the air damp.

And some ignorent people damaged out props and said, "I though it was real." *The spoken english has been grammatically corrected to fit my nature of english so it sounds very polite but instead, it was actually sarcastic.

Updates on the parade, since I'm unsure when I can get it, just stay tune.

And btw, I still prefer Nikon cameras although the D40X's interface and buttons aren't as dedicated as Canon's 400D, I love how small it is and the weight. Now, waiting for my dad to make the decision.

A guy came to us and asked how it is and I showed him, comparing to 400D's older sibling, the 350D. He wants prime lense, so I think he'll go for a Canon but it seems he likes Nikon also.


Tiong yienG said...

wah...u ppl are so great...haha...saw u ppl too...

Serene said...

Fun.. Too bad I din cosplay XD Reason : Dinner + no time change ^^"
Play wif dslr! lol