Monday, August 06, 2007

Kuching City Festival Parade 2007 on August 4th

Well, pictures are here, but not the complete collection due to having small HDD size so I managed to rip a few and took me hours of editing and also stitching(and it sux).
Dailup users beware. My blog is full of high resolution pictures and it sucks bandwidth like nutz.

Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking with action captions at the bottom.

We were at uni around 12pm, and I was there around 1pm right after lunch because I had to go down to Haru's place to get our Hitsugaya's slippers and also have lunch.

Itachi cosplayer, Lance, ironing the cloak

Teh slippers used by Hitsugaya

Drawing Allen Walker's curse from Dgrayman

End result, perfect!

Tying a baby's apron. XD. Pence from Kingdom Heart 2. Basically, an unknown char for the rest of the night aside from FF and KH fans. Played by SWATwolf

Destiny waiting for the gel on his hair to dry off

And after its dried, next comes the colour gel

AJ have a helping hand from Teddy to arrange his wig

Tomcat as Ishida(We gave it a new name. Eat-shit-die).He looks like a priest. Buff, 2k, Heal 1k. Portal, 2k.

Lacus Clyne smsing?! "Watcha looking at?!" Played by Serene

Judith from the Choir Club was here early so she bunked out with us and helped us.

LRP putting on her socks. Cosplaying Freya from Chobits. Her twin Chi is missing in action.

SWATwolf's hair getting waxed and gelled. So, I came to the rescue and use hair foam on his hair while he was holding back the pain. XD

LRP helping Lance to draw Itachi's under-eye lines.

Destiny and Thien came back from changing next door.

Shaping the wig with gel.

75% preparation done.

Other side of the room

Freya with her lolipop and its HUGE!

Our council president curious of our Haku's mask and have a closer inspection

Fellow junkers of Choir Club following us in the parade. They are doing a STOMP.

Candid of Mrs Busy of SSSC.

Imma Going To USA....Or KL.

The nice uncle who drove the bus for the past 3 days who sent us to the rehearsal location and also the parade. Thanks.

INTI College students. He looks like he's dressed in China king's robes.

Fellow junker's main bassist instrument, those big drum.

Even the police wasn't spared from being shot.


Primary school students from St. Teresa.

The rest of St. Teresa's contingent

Er....? No idea which contingent is that.

More contingents behind us.

Tradisional Iban attire. This is the land of Head Hunters, Borneo Isle.

Fellow Johnson as the leader of those junkers.

"Hrm...A dash of this and bit of that...." Artist at work by the roadside.

SAMS+Japanese Club cosplayers.

Some guy from the Cycling contingent way ahead came in and we pose for him and managed to borrow his bike to cycle for a while.

Lecturers/Staffers who followed us.

Junkers preparing their instrument and going through flight check.

Lacus complaining about being hot.

"Talk to the glove!"

Junkers @ Choir Club

Freya candid

Giants! Run! Wait a sec. They're on stilts!

"Make way!"

"Lets dance!" Cosplayers dancing to the tune of the Junkers behind

My alma mater. Weird contingent.

More dancing pictures.

ANBU vs Allen Walker. Who will win? Stay tune.

Bank robbing time. "Gas mask on!"

Eric got candid

Johnson sucking his whistle the whole night.

Spectators from above in Tun Jugah

"I though I saw Naruto!" Even this baby was amused.


By-standers taking shots of the contingent passing by.

Junkers STOMPing

Posing for onlookers to have a snap.

And some even joined in and started snapping away while the contingent moved on.

Mr. Ismail who was filming the whole event of the contingent. He's the student department advisor.

More pose for people to snap and the come in bunches.

Our performance layout. Sorry. Stitching sux badly.

Jumping from Itachi's lower swipe.

Counter-attack with a kunai. Still drawing it out while Itachi backs off.

Ouch. That was a tiring. 2 hours to get the pictures up and loaded plus an hour of resizing and editing. T_T

Well, part 1 is done. More coming soon so stay tune.

Pictures are a courtesy from nerdrazor


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