Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gunslinger Girl Sequel

Well, as the title says, a gunslinger girl sequel will be back soon but still unsure when.

Moonphase reported that a sequel as long as 13 episodes will be in-production.

Hope the sequel would have lots more actions and also less flashback.

Screenshots of Gunslinger Girls characters:

Henrietta, the main character.


Rico and her trusty sniper rifle

Claes, half-standing and Angelica, standing

Elsa, who killed her handler and suicided

Btw, this are not the screenshot from the upcoming sequel but from the past episodes.

And some nice wallpaper. Click for a bigger one. Also old ones.

Rico, Triela and Henrietta

Rico, Angelica and Henrietta


Anwar said...

Spoilers detected!

Intel_Pentium said...

Not spoilers, those are the past episode screenshots

Serene said...

Haha.. watched a few episodes, a lil slow so I din follow the series XP I like a lil more fantasy 1 hehe..

rain said...

this is going into my long wait list

Anonymous said...

On the last wallpaper that's not Angelica, that's Claes

Cody said...

On the fourth screenshot, Angelica is the one half-standing. Claes is standing. Someone already mentioned the mistake on the last wallpaper. Really, you should know the difference between the two if you're going to be putting up pictures.