Sunday, July 08, 2007

Paper Ahoy~

Well, yesterday, I and a few friends are invited to go for an interview at Intimes International Office for some local chinese paper. Too bad I can't read at least 10% of the chinese characters.

The Intimes International HQ and Printing Factory

Reporter (playing with the white wig) and cosplayers.

ACTION! (Note:Tidus wearing sneakers)

ANBU member going in for the kill. Tidus! RUN!

More updates coming. This is just a short one. Was too busy to update cause had too much fun playing with new notebooks and a few processor and also a brand new 8800 from Nvidia. Also, a Nikon D40 from my aunt.

And btw, I ripped off the photos from Jimmychin as he was there also with us. Thanks to him.

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