Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SAMS Gathering @ Rakutei

Ok, this event was held last week on a Saturday night to celebrate the 1st anniversary at Rakutei, Crown Square.

Place looks nice, tad dark so Speedlight did the job, but alot of overexposed pictures due to close proximity and bouncing the light off the walls and ceiling was a failure due to the place being dark, and also non-reflective.

Pictures time.

Rukia look alike.
Takashi swinging the light saber.
Posing for pictures.
Candid shot. What are they doing?

Never to miss out macro shots.
Dinner time, with yakisoba.
Blurred out shot.

Light from god?
Hail....er.....hrm......aahh.....Hitler ain't here people.
Darth [insert name]
President and vice-president of SAMS
Promoting interior landscaping?
Portrait shots.
Petrol head rollakid.

It was fun, abid the wasabi eating competition, where it was 3 against 1.

Food was nice, but yakisoba tasted like fried noodles. Weird.

Next post, mooncake festival in uni.

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