Saturday, September 08, 2007

Memories From Days Ago

Been busy lately with assignments and a small test is coming up, so benkyo(studying) desu!

Okay, a change in my watermark as I feel good and want to change something.

Now, presenting, EVA Unit 01 Test type by Revoltech. This is the Unit being used in the series or was it in the movie. Can't remember. I hope when the upcoming movie comes out, the price will shoot sky high and I can sell this. I got it cheap, way cheaper than XL-Shop offering or other places. I've check the price when I was in KL and its surrounding places and its definitely cheaper .

Now, lets give the pictures the limelight to express itself.

All taken using 350D on a kit 18mm-55mm f3.5-5.6 aperture lens on full manual mode. Also, used a prime 50mm lens forgetting the aperture.

Then after prime lens, I switched back to the kit lens and see what happens..........

ryuten took the prime and look through it.

Up next, was SAMS (Anime and Manga Society) meeting weekly so here goes more pictures.

The attendance was average as usual as some was outside warming up from the cold and others playing handhelds (read:psp, DS) and some on the right-hand corner of the 2nd picture above gaming away and fixing the computer.

SAMS has developed from an anime and manga society to many unofficial sub-division like photography, cosplay, gaming, dancing, singing, IT department, technical support and so forth.

Anniversary dinner coming up soon. Those going, be seeing you there.


Anonymous said...

Those people look bored.


intel said...

They are