Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photography Workshop Part 1

On 9th September, 2007, SPAS and sponsor,Canon organised a photography workshop for students, lecturers and teachers to introduce the world of photography to them. And since its free, I join in the crowd.

The venue, MBKS Auditorium, and from past experience, I brought my jacket as its freezing in there. Time was from 8am till 5.30pm but I woke up 1.3 hour past my alarm and it was 7.45am. Showered and my friends sms me asking where was I.

8.10am, while I was on my way, I sms my cousin who was going and she said she left for breakfast as it has yet to start. Uni friends was around waiting.

Reached at the place at 8.20am as traffic was nearly nil, parked and went in and was surprise it was not really filled. Waited around till nearly 9am and the speaker said we have to wait for big potatoes(I change the word) to come.

Fast-forward 30 mins later, the workshop started.

Pictures! GO!

1st Speaker, Mr.Harry Tan. Funny guy. Learn lots from him.
2nd Speaker, Mr.CH Loh who flew in from KL. The pictures tells you the rest. Photoshooting with Datuks and members of SPAS
Fellow Josephians!
Mr.CH Loh talking about something. I think it was his his-story(history) in photography
Shots from Mr.CH Loh
Canon Booth
*Salutes* "Correct" way to use an L lens.
EOS 1D Mark 3 on L lens. Poisoning!
FOOD! O-bento! *Opens and it.....chicken rice!*
Typical Kuchingities
Overdose on chillies
Big appetite
Epic Blur!
Take aways~
Wishing for a EOS 1D Mark 3 to fall from the sky.
Random shots
Loneliness. Personally like this shot though its empty.
Scenic shot
Reminds me of flying fox at National Service. Less fun though. Love this shot.
Autumn Sonata?
Loneliness 2
Over PA:"Gundam SAMS! Ha~shin dozo!" Pilot:"Ikimasu!"
Hung to be prosecuted.
Wishing for more moolah (money in lowyat term)
EOS Marketing Seminar starting after lunch break. EOS 5D poisoning session.
Here. H2O
After learning something from the workshop. Knowledge put to the test.
More jump. 3 person, 1 epic fail.
Fly~ Love the back shadow and shot itself.
One is dancing, one is landing... Love this too. Funny.

Overall, superb experience and learn a little more.

Downside, I can clearly say nearly 60% of the people there do not know whats ISO, ASA, shutter speed, aperture, white balance especially when pros like those speakers says, "200 ASA, 1/250, 1.8"

Clearly this was a SLR workshop as they do not even mention anything about PNS/compact cameras.

Just drooling over the 5D's picture quality and not to mention seeing so many modern external hotshoe flash nowadays.


Ryuten said...

rofl. and I was part of that 60%. well I kind of partly know what they're talking about, but forgets liao. it was so cramped! the blood froze in my veins!

nerdrazor said...

Sit at the sides next time, ryuten?

Anyway, didn't get a chance to handle the 1D Mk. III T_T

Miku Miku said...

Waaa... u people bully me.. Mana lar i eat dat much. Nyaa~!!

Christopher said...

heh.. i see something resembles Wii stuff... XD hanged..

Anonymous said...

I am proud that you are finally pursuing something worthy in your life. XD


intel said...

Atzi, I have been into photography but no scanner, can't scan films. Beside, waiting to get a dSLR soon. My PNS has failed me already but still, that the only cam I have.