Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes Season 2

Ok, Heroes Season 2 is back and kicking with new characters and another new happening around.

The last season episode, it left the whole story hanging as Syler was suppose to be dead but it seems he live through it, and my favourite character,Hiro teleported himself back to the ages when the Tokugawa era is still around, or was it the Shogun, but I prefer the Bakumatsu era.

Clare is back also. "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Seems not much happening there anyway. Peter and Nathan is also back. Also, our nice Dr. Suresh uncovering more stuff this coming episode.

I'll leave the watching/downloading to you all and also, hope this season is good or better that the previous one.

Desktop Wallpaper for you all to enjoy. Its full format, not resized at 1024X768

The "yatta" boy. How come the samurai guy is a Caucasian?

On the side note, Top Gear has officially announce that they will be back on 7th October, so rejoice Top Gear fan. More of Jeremy Clarkson going "Powarrrrr!", Richard "Hamster" Hammond driving more smaller, compact, and not so fast car with a bit humiliation from Jeremy on being gay and using teeth whitening stuff and our James May AKA Captain Slow...being himself again while mocking Jeremy as usual, while taking his time doing pre-*insert anything he*s doing* checks.

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