Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As on 10th July 2006, I celebrate my indepences day! Final GONE! World Cup GONE!

Yay! Finals are gonner. Lazy to update as usual. Currently uploading mangas to mD. Lazy some more. Gotten some weird wired stuff from my parents who just came back from Bangkok

Link To Bigger Pic

Its a coiled man AKA predator!
And, thats my com behind. Notice the speaker. XD
Scary huh?

Cool huh? Anyway, I'm free now. Bored. Downloading more anime. Plus, my new portable hd is working as I gotten my external casing for RM78 where bloody people in Saberkas are killing me at RM 170. What a rip-off. Also, Gigabyte's cooler cost only RM75 where they wanted to sell it to me at RM350. ****

Go checkout That bugger has lots of update almost everyday. So free. Planning to get my aile strike gundam. Hopefully its cheaper in Sing cause my friend is going there so I asked him to buy it for me. Yay!

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