Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aile Strike GAT-X105 Master Grade

So, well, here's an update. I just recently bought a gundam model, a MG grade which is scale of 1/100. Its about 15 cm when done(i think) and cost me about RM200 where I asked my friend who went to KL and SG, it cost more there, about Rm275 in SG and ca't find any in KL. So, I just went ahead and bought it here in Satok. The one at Cassy Toy is tad expensive as the shopkeeper sold me at RM230.

Anyway, I just got my final test result and I got lots of credits but failed my maths 2 so I resit it yesterday. It was easy, so I know I'll pass and be in degree soon. Holidays have been going of for about 2 weeks already but wasted 5 days from this week to squeeze 3 months of learning into 5 days to resit my maths.

Back to the topic,
OK, here's the pic of my progress after 5 hours.

  Box View (Note the price)


Jetless back

 Back With Jet

 Hatch open to reveal Kira
Yamato in the seat, unpainted. Niffty MG.

 Side View


 Head unit. I painted the blue part but can't paint the eye, so resorted to stickers. I use water colour to paint the blue part.



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geovanni said...

Strike is a very cool mobile suit. By the way where you are from? You can get in cheaper in KL...