Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aile Strike Good To Go!

Anyway, my uncle from KL, my other family, came and I was preoccupied with him around, talking about life and how the market and stuff... Went to the food fair in Kuching. Kinda nice but all squashy. Managed to protect my foot from being squash (hint hint: wear sneakers) Anyway, uncle dislike the place and say that he rather avoid the place plus the food sux, he said. I'm opposite. He's a nice guy, hates crowded places and is sporty and active. he goes hashing AKA trail run like in the jungle and everywhere.

Ok. Back to the topic. After 3 days, I think, after purchasing and snipping, cutting and modifying, I finally completed my model. It's the first of its kind. Good articulation and nice scale. Kinda heavy. Thinking of spraying it (where the hell can I find hobby spray gun in kuching!). Here are some pictures.

Whole Shot of The Set

Close Up Front

Yay! I can fly~

Right Shoulder Shot (That decal. Dry ones)

Difference Size Between HG (Red) and MG (Blue)

Backpack (The black cable is like normal copper wires, except ultra flexible

Backpack Jet Thrusters Close ups. PNS (point-and-shoot) cam sux in close up

Another front close up. The X is decal, looks like paint and the red on on the stick is
sticker. Pun intended

Overall, MG are good. They have lots of articulations, details and most of all, heavy. This model has an internal skeleton but I'm lazy to peel the armors apart and also, its hard to pull certain parts off. Decals, dry or wet (haven't tried) are good. I damaged the first one as I stick the adhesive part to my transfer tape, which ruins it, but retained a good transfer (duh~) Ok, next, saving for a MG Wing Zero Custom, the one with white feathery wings.

My uncle is now back in his home (not hometown as he's a Kuching guy) Call him later. saving to get a rf controller from rockfire. Their controllers are good. I have their older wired ones which lasted me 2 yrs plus with hard banging and aggressive play.Ok, I'm outta here! Finished Initial D 1st stage and nearly finish 2nd stage. Next 3rd Stage, the movie!

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