Thursday, September 07, 2006

Steve Irwin KIA

So, if you guys and gals haven't heard about it, the topic says so. Steve Irwin was killed in action ,hence KIA. He was stabbed during his mission and outing as he was documenting on something that wasn't told by the news. A sting ray managed to kill him when crocodiles, snakes and other animals couldn't. What bad luck. Anyway, I pray for his family and may his soul rest in peace. All his efforts to save animals wasn't wasted. It was fun watching him grow old, have a family and kid. Been following his series since I've gotten my Astro.

More news, here.

Well, yesterday was the end of his show, Crocodile Hunter. I hope his kids and wife will try to continue his show but without him..., it ain't complete. Missing his "Crikey!" and "You're alright mate" plus his 'Wow"

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